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Strongest Magic Knight Captains In Black Clover So Far, Ranked!

Black Clover manga is currently exploring the Spade Kingdom arc, which seems to be the most phenomenal action-packed arc by far. However, its preceding arc – the Elf Resurrection arc disrupted the balance of strengths between various Magic Knights since the people who got taken over have retained the mana of the elves. This disruption in strengths led us […]

Anime Black Clover Listicles

Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters So Far

Black Clover franchise has become one of the most popular anime-manga franchises these days. The current arc – Spade Kingdom arc is dealing with a much broader perspective than just the Clover Kingdom. The current arc introduced various new characters like Princess Lolopechka and the Dark Triad from Heart and Spade Kingdoms, respectively. These new […]