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Why doesn’t Asta have any mana? Will he be able to use it?

Asta, born without Mana and magic, and Yuno, born being loved by Mana, were left at a church in Hage village together.

The reason behind Yuno being loved by mana and his prodigious use of magic is his background as a royalty of the spade Kingdom and him being the reincarnation of Tetia and Licht’s son.

However, what is the reason behind Asta magicless? Will he gain the ability to use it as the series goes on?

1. Why is Asta manaless?

Asta does not have any mana because of a genetic mutation caused by his parents not being of the same pieces. As confirmed by the Witch Queen and Gauche’s father, Asta is neither from the Demon race nor the elven but rather a demi-human.

It is also because of this that he can use his Five-Leaf Grimoire and use Anti Magic swords.

why doesn't asta have mana? why is asta manaless

Asta will never gain mana in the Black Clover. As one of the protagonists of the series, what sets him apart from everyone else, is his inability to use magic.

If this is taken away, there won’t be much meaning in giving him antimagic powers and the Five-Leaf Grimoire as they will cancel each other out.

2. Why doesn’t Asta have any mana?

There were many theories behind Asta’s lack of magic, such as him being of the Demon race. One such theory is that he was born to parents with opposing magic abilities that canceled each other out and resulted in his current state.

These theories cannot be proved. But what we do know is that the reason behind Asta’s lack of magical abilities and mana is attributed to a mutation.

I. Witch Queen’s Theory

Why doesn't Asta have any mana? Will he be able to use it?
Witch Queen

The Queen of the Witches, when healing Asta’s arm, felt that he had a faint connection to Licht, the elf. However, she later discovers that he is not from the elf tribe, but is connected to Licht through his Grimoire.

The Queen surmised that Asta probably has a mutation that makes him mana less and gives him the ability to use Anti-Magic, he is not special, and that is what makes him special.

II. How did Asta get a Grimoire?

When Asta turned old, he did not receive a Grimoire like others from the Grimoire tower, understandably. Since Asta lacked magic, it was no surprise that he was not chosen by a Grimoire.

However, while he tries to comfort himself, Asta notices Yuno near the gate to the tower being ambushed by Revchi Salik, a former Magic Knight.

Revchi breaks Asta’s spirit as he comes to help Yuno, further inducing Asta with more negative thoughts. However, Yuno’s acknowledgment and declaring Asta as his rival manages to bring his self-confidence back up, which in the process motivates Asta to continue his fight with Revchi and continue on with his rivalry with Yuno to become the Magic Emperor.

When Asta manages to get his confidence back up against Revchi, he is chosen by a mysteriously battled, and old grimoire to be its host. The grimoire earlier belonged to elf leader Licht and is now possessed by the devil of antimagic.

Black Clover - Asta Epic Five Leaf Clover Grimoire
Asta getting his Grimoire of Despair

3. Why did Asta get a Grimoire of Depair?

When confronting Revchi, a Five-Leaf Grimoire comes out of the wall of the Grimoire tower and chooses Asta.

When the owner of a four-leaf clover grimoire falls into absolute despair, the book is corrupted by its owner’s deep despair and hatred, becoming what is known as a Grimoire of Despair.

During this process, the clover turns black and develops the fifth leaf.

These five-leaf clover grimoires can be taken and possessed by devils, who use the books to manifest their true powers. This Grimoire then becomes the only link between the humans and the devils.

When Licht felt deep despair about elves’ massacre, his four-leaf clover turned five, birthing the Grimoire of despair. After the devil of kotodama magic failed to acquire it, the devil of antimagic took the Grimoire.

Asta later received this Grimoire because he was the only person able to wield it thanks to his mana deficiency.

4. Will Asta ever gain Mana?

Because of a mutation, Asta was born Mana-less and hence, cannot wield magic. However, it is also because he was able to possess the Five-Leaf Grimoire, the only human to do so.

The antimagic properties of the Grimoire and the antimagic devil residing in it, helped Asta grow stronger and work towards his dream of becoming the Wizard King.

Asta vs. Vetto (English Dub) - Asta First TIme Use Demon Power [60FPS]
Asta vs Vetto

Asta will never gain Mana again. As one of the protagonists of the series, what sets him apart from everyone else, is his inability to use magic. If this is taken away, there won’t be much meaning in giving him antimagic powers and the Five-Leaf Grimoire as they will cancel each other out.

In the Witch, Queen’s words, what is special about Asta is that he is not special. By giving him magic, all the buildup Tabata Sensei has worked towards will have no backing.

5. Asta Anti-Magic Theory

The Black Clover fandom has a lot of interesting theories about powers that could make up for Asta’s lack of magic and help him reach his goal.

One such theory talks about Asta mastering antimagic in a way the others use magic. This theory says that if there is a day when Asta can course antimagic through his body for extended amounts of time, if not always like others do with magic, he will be able to create an anti-mana zone like mana zone.

Why doesn't Asta have any mana? Will he be able to use it?
Asta (Demon Form)

This Anti Mana zone will allow Asta to negate all magic that attempts to enter it or which is aimed at him. We saw a prototype of this recently when Yami used his Dark magic mana zone: Blackhole.

His magic was able to eat all spells using the never-ending gravitational pull of darkness. Similarly, if Asta can do that, he won’t just soak magic up, but magic will simply cease to exist for him.

6. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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