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Top 25 Strongest Heroes in Shonen Anime, Ranked!

Shonen anime consists of thousands of series with a multitude of powerful heroes. Who is the strongest hero among them? Anime that fits into the Shonen genre is one of the most consumed forms of media, and fighting is an aspect that is heavily ingrained into it. With hundreds of thousands of universes built and […]

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Top 20 Must-Watch Action Anime On Hulu!

There are people out there who dwell in anime only for the action genre itself. And that’s why most of the popular streaming websites, including Hulu, have a library where a large portion consists of the action genre. So, let’s begin with the list of top 20 action anime on Hulu. 20. Megalo Box Megalo […]

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Top 20 Must-Watch Dubbed Anime On Netflix!

Unlike other streaming websites, Netflix doesn’t have a vast library of anime, but it might have the most dubbed anime for the dub loving fans around the world. So, let’s begin with the list of top 20 dubbed anime on Netflix. 20. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride of emotions. […]

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How To Watch Gurren Lagann? The Complete Watch Order

Gurren Lagann is a macho mecha anime with a mindless, yet mind-blowing story! The story is charming not because of its depth or complexity but because it is bold, energetic, exciting, and humorous! Every battle induces goosebumps, even though the plot is pretty simple and straightforward. The characters grow and portray a sense of maturity […]