Gurren Lagann Films to Get U.S. Theatrical Release in January

This year’s Anime NYC was one of the most successful events, with several exciting announcements. Fans and creators of Gurren Lagan also celebrated the franchise’s 15th anniversary this year.

Following an engaging Q&A and heartfelt messages from fans, attendees were delighted to receive a video message from Katsuyuki Konishi, the talented voice behind Kamina. With gratitude and excitement, he shared some thrilling news.

Studio Trigger and Aniplex USA announced at Anime NYC that the Gurren Lagann films will be released in North American theaters in January 2024.

Gurren Lagann movie, “Childhood’s End,” will be shown on January 16 and 17, and “The Lights in the Sky Are Stars” will be shown on January 23 and 24. Both films will be available in 4K and 4D formats and in subbed and dubbed versions.

Fathom Events will start selling tickets on December 8.

The Gurren Lagann film series celebrates its 15th anniversary. The first movie, Childhood’s End, premiered in September 2008, followed by The Lights in the Sky Are Stars in April 2009.

A new trailer dropped along with the live announcement:


Gurren Lagann films are a trip down memory lane that seeks to celebrate the story and offer something new simultaneously. They attempt to improve upon minor flaws and even implement parts of the Parallel Works series to flesh out the core narrative.

The celebration of Gurren Lagann’s anniversary is a testament to how far Studio Trigger has come as they continue to engrave and astound the fanbase.

Don’t miss the incredible chance to witness these timeless classics’ glory! Mark your calendar and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

About Gurren Lagann

‘Gurren Lagann’, also known as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, is a Japanese mecha anime TV series co-produced by Aniplex and Konami, and animated by Gainaxi.

Hiroyuki Imaishi directed the 27-episode anime, written by Kazuki Nakashima and aired from April to September 2007.

‘Gurren Lagann’ is set in a future where humans live in isolated subterranean villages due to Spiral King Lordgenome’s rule.

The story revolves around two teenagers named Simon and Kamina who reside in an underground village. They use a powerful mecha called Lagann to reach the surface and join forces with other humans to fight against Lordgenome’s army. Later, they face their main adversary in an epic battle.

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