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Is Simon the Strongest Anime Character? Can He Beat Goku?

If someone is asked who the strongest character in anime is, their answer generally is a character from the most recent show they’ve watched or one of the big 3 – Goku, Naruto & Ichigo.

Whenever a new character is claimed to be the strongest, you can find hundreds of comments saying, “can they beat Goku tho?”

This comparison to mainstream shonen characters has become so widespread that there are even memes circulating about it. Nevertheless, it has still been consciously accepted that no character can beat them.

Even the idea of someone beating the Saiyan is treated as nonsense; however, what if I said that there was indeed someone who could defeat Naruto, Saitama, Giorno, and yes, even Goku?

With hundreds of thousands of universes built and expanded upon in the various series, there are all sorts of characters with abilities. However, one has surpassed all others to become the strongest character in anime, i.e., Simon from Gurren Lagann.

1. Is Simon the Strongest Character in Anime?

Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the strongest character in anime and is host to infinite power.

In the beginning, his strength is barely greater than an average human’s, but after learning how to incorporate spiral power into the attacks of mechs, the man starts throwing entire galaxies effortlessly.

Is Simon the Strongest Anime Character?
Simon | Source: Fandom

Simon stores and develops so much spiral energy that he can create a robot the size of an entire universe or even a galaxy.

He can further create a grill that can rip reality apart, let alone individual worlds. By the end, Simon becomes a God-like figure with command over everything as we know it.

However, while it is known that anime has absurd power levels, where does Simon’s invincible strength come from?

2. Why Is Simon So OP? – The Source of His Power

The main reason why characters from Gurren Lagann, especially Simon, are, so OP is because of their power source, i.e., Spiral Energy.

Spiral Energy is the basis of strength for the main characters and all of humanity and is assumed to be the power of evolution.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann- SImon’s Return

It forms a connection between the beings possessing SE and the universe and has infinite potential and applications. One of its most used applications in the series is creating Spiral-enhanced ammunition that provides phenomenal stopping power.

It is so potent that a simple shotgun can damage an Anti-Spiral weapon. By the end of the series, Spiral Power is said to be capable of resurrecting the dead but is rejected because of its ability to hinder the future.

As one of the warriors who has mastered Spiral Energy, Simon has the ability to create mighty mechas that are even bigger than the entirety of a galaxy.

With sufficient will power, he can continuously level up and become stronger. He has no limits. Period.

In “The Lights in the Sky are Stars,” Simon utilized the mass of spiral energy in a pocket universe to create the giant mecha, Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Merely calling it giant doesn’t do it justice because this mecha is said to be 52.8 billion light-years tall, and that’s not even its limits. With Giga Drill Break, it creates a drill that is literally ten times the already unfathomable weapon.

One might think that just by creating this god-like weapon, Simon already has enough power to rank first, but no. The main reason why he surpasses all known limits is that he actually fist-fights the Anti-Spiral, and WINS.

Simon’s mastery over Spiral Energy allows him to do anything as long as he has enough fighting will, which all main characters have in plenty.

3. Okay So Simon’s Powerful, but Can He Beat-

I. Goku

Yes. Simon can undoubtedly beat Goku without even expending his absolute power. As Goku powers up or transforms, Simon will probably just create a universe-sized mecha to utterly annihilate the Saiyan.

Is Simon the Strongest Anime Character?
Goku | Source: Fandom

Now don’t get me wrong, Goku is extremely powerful, and the universe of Dragon Ball ranks among the very top; however, I doubt he stands a chance against a 52.8 billion light-year mecha with the power to destroy galaxies.

II. Saitama

If Goku doesn’t stand a chance against Simon, then why is Saitama even taken into consideration? Well, being a gag character has its perks.

Saitama’s whole schtick is to be the most powerful and defeat every enemy with “One Punch.” After breaking past his limits, no one can stand a chance against him. Well, in One Punch Man, that is.

Is Simon the Strongest Anime Character?
Saitama | Source: Fandom

When facing Simon, Saitama loses horribly. From what we have seen so far, One Punch Man has superhuman strength and can blast apart meteors to pieces.

Simon, on the other hand, can create mechas greater in size than entire galaxies without his energy diminishing in the slightest.

If we compare a man who can defeat the strongest alien and one who can throw galaxies to dominate his opponent, obviously, the latter will win.

III. Giorno Giovanna

As the fifth JoJo of the series, Giorno’s Stand is easily the most broken ability in the entire franchise.

This ability, called the Gold Experience Requiem, allows him to nullify anything. He can exist outside of time and nullify attacks that have already hit him, making it so that even an instant death won’t be able to kill him.

Is Simon the Strongest Anime Character?
Giorno Giovanna | Source: Fandom

Regardless of his own strength, just having this ability alone makes him, honestly speaking, way too overpowered.

On the other hand, Simon’s power is basically like a feedback loop that alters reality; as long as he has fighting will, his power is without limits.

When comparing him to Giorno, it becomes a case of unstoppable force meets an immovable object. The conclusion is a stalemate in most cases.

However, since Spiral Power grows exponentially over time, Simon will eventually reach a point where he can overpower Giorno, thus clinching victory.

4. About Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is about Kamina and Simon, two boys raised in the same underground village. While their origin was the same, their personalities contrasted with each other.

Kamina was free-spirited and ambitious while Simon was timid and shy and had no ambitions. One day, they find an ancient artifact that was the key to a war artifact, which they name Lagann.

With the help of Lagann, they set off on a journey under the bright sky with Yoko, to fight against “Beastmen,” humanoid creatures terrorizing humanity in robots called “Gunmen.”

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