Anime News

Take a Look at CloverWorks, Wit Studio, Aniplex and Shueisha’s New Team Up

What happens when four giants from the anime and manga industry come together? They bring out some elite content for the weeb community. Wit Studio and CloverWorks are some of the most well-known animation studios. They have given us some of our favorites like Fairy Tail, The Promised Neverland[…]

Anime Bubble News

Discover a New World of Parkour with the ‘Bubble’ Anime Film this April

WIT Studio’s upcoming anime film, Bubble, is set to break box-office records this spring. The story will show a Tokyo that has gravity-defying bubbles floating everywhere. As a result, the city is rife with youngsters who love parkour. Since it is an original anime, the unexpected twist and[…]

Anime News The Missing 8

The Missing 8 ONA Begins Streaming Episodes on Fuzi’s YouTube Channel

The existence of humanoids capable of imagination, emotions, and being more in touch with their human side might seem like fiction, but The Missing 8 universe is the opposite. Here, humans are fabled beings, whereas human-like androids are the reality. The concept for The Missing 8 came from[…]

Anime Bubble Netflix News

Netflix and Wit Studio Present Gravity-Defying Original Anime, Bubble

After several CGI-overloaded series, Netflix has finally started valuing the originality of anime. Its upcoming production is a jaw-dropping collaboration with Wit Studio for an anime film, Bubble. From sci-fi elements to incredible parkour stunts, Bubble has everything a young adult audience[…]

Anime News Wit studio

25-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Arson And Threats Against Wit Studio in Osaki

Wit Studio used to animate Attack on Titan, and the studio getting deadly threats would make a lot of sense. It’s nothing surprising about former employees coming back for a revenge arc from their employment place or pressing legal charges and the police getting involved. After all, it is still[…]

Anime News The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil, a Run

WIT Studio’s The Girl from the Other Side Anime Film Completes Crowdfunding

The Girl from the Other Side is a curious little manga with an eerie atmosphere. Its upcoming anime adaptation will pique the interest of all goth anime lovers out there. Shiva, a young girl, lives with a creature who she calls sensei. However, she isn’t allowed to touch him as she might get cursed.

Anime Netflix News

Netflix And Studio WIT Collab To Enroll And Train Young Animators!

Do you love animation and think you are quite adept at it? Here is an opportunity to test your skills. Netflix and WIT studio are teaming up to give you a priceless learning experience! (Quite literally) If you are head over heels for anime and want to learn the art, you cannot let go of this[…]