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Netflix And Studio WIT Collab To Enroll And Train Young Animators!

Do you love animation and think you are quite adept at it? Here is an opportunity to test your skills. Netflix and WIT studio are teaming up to give you a priceless learning experience! (Quite literally)

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If you are head over heels for anime and want to learn the art, you cannot let go of this one in a million chance! Your dreams are now just a small test away from getting fulfilled.

Two of the biggest media creators will now collaborate to create a new line of genius animators.

Netflix and WIT Studio are launching WIT Animator Academy, a six-month training program for animators. Netflix will cover the entire tuition cost and living expenses for those selected for the training.

Ten people will be selected through an initial evaluation for the training. Netflix will provide $1,430 per month to these chosen talented people as well as a $5,722 amount fee for the training program.

The trainers associated with the academy are also well-recognized names within the anime industry.

Hiromi Tateno, a former animation checker for several Ghibli movies like Spirited Away, Ponyo, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Wind Rises, and others, will be leading the academy.

Netflix & Studio WIT Collab to Enroll & Train Young Animators!
Netflix x WIT | Source: Netflix

All the trainees will also learn various techniques first hand from current animators at WIT Studio.

You don’t even need any special qualifications to join the program! Young adults under 25 years of age will be admitted, and they have to be high-school graduates.

The training period is of six months, starting from April to September 2021.

The classes will be held in-person, and the trainees should know a basic level of conversational Japanese.

If you are still confused about whether you need this training or not. This is sure to pull you in!

Those who will pass out from the academy will get a direct job offer to work for WIT Studio. They might also be able to animate Netflix Originals for a year!

Source: Netflix

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