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Discover a New World of Parkour with the ‘Bubble’ Anime Film this April

WIT Studio’s upcoming anime film, Bubble, is set to break box-office records this spring. The story will show a Tokyo that has gravity-defying bubbles floating everywhere. As a result, the city is rife with youngsters who love parkour. 

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Since it is an original anime, the unexpected twist and turns will definitely excite you. Hold on tight as the two protagonists will take you on a breathtaking adventure soon.

The Bubble anime film will debut on Netflix on April 28 and will be available internationally. It will later open in Japanese theaters on May 13.

The latest trailer is here, and the gorgeous parkour scenes portrayed in it are something to look forward to:

映画『バブル』本予告 劇場版2022年5月13日(金)公開
Movie “Bubble” Book Notice Movie version released on May 13, 2022 (Friday)

The teaser opens with Uta’s dialogue: “I became me after I was able to meet Hibiki.” Hibiki is a daredevil who loves parkour and takes it to extreme levels. Uta arrives just on time to save him from falling one day.

At the end of the video, Uta can be heard humming a mystic melody. Her identity and the song’s purpose are still unclear.

The trailer also previews the theme songs of the anime. “Jaa na, Mata ne” by Riria. is the ending theme song, while Eve performs the opening theme, “Bubble feat. Uta.” Riria will also join the cast as the voice actor of Uta.

A scene where Hibiki and Uta are floating in the Tokyo sky with the landscape below them has been painted in the new visual:

Discover a New World of Parkour with the ‘Bubble’ Anime Film this April
Bubble Visual | Source: Official Website

So far, we know about Hibiki, but Uta’s existence is still a mystery. Who is she, and what is the song that she and Hibiki can hear? All in all, Bubble is currently on the top of my watchlist this year.

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About Bubble

Bubble is an original anime film by Wit studio that will premiere on Netflix on April 28, 2022. It will later be premiered in Japanese theaters on May 15.

The plot starts when gravity-defying bubbles start falling on Tokyo. Hibiki is a dauntless guy who loves parkour and was on his usual run when he meets Uta.

Coincidentally, both of them can hear a strange sound that no one else can pick up. This will lead them to an adventure which can change the world.

Source: Official Website

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