Anime News Suicide Squad ISEKAI

New Trailer for Suicide Squad ISEKAI Anime Features Chaotic Harley Quinn

The Isekai genre is spreading faster than a cat meme on the internet. Now, DC has decided to jump on the bandwagon with their upcoming anime, Suicide Squad ISEKAI. The hype around this series has been growing ever since the series’ announcement. And now, a trailer has been revealed, featuring[…]

Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure News

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 6’s December Release Teased in 4 Dramatic PVs

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has been serving us with journeys of various Joestars, and now it’s finally time for the sassy daughter of Jotaro, Jolyne Cujoh, to debut. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is the sixth part of the series, and it has announced its release date through various[…]