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The Missing 8 ONA Begins Streaming Episodes on Fuzi’s YouTube Channel

The existence of humanoids capable of imagination, emotions, and being more in touch with their human side might seem like fiction, but The Missing 8 universe is the opposite.

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Here, humans are fabled beings, whereas human-like androids are the reality.

The concept for The Missing 8 came from two music videos by Fuzi called Overf1low and Optimi2er in July 2019 and March 2020, respectively.

The MVs became pretty popular, and the idea for an anime based on the concept was put under production.

After more than a year, we finally got an anime based on it, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

WIT Studio, Fuzi, and Naoki Yoshibe started streaming the first two episodes of The Missing 8 ONA on Fuzi’s YouTube Channel in Japanese with English subtitles.

【オリジナルWEBアニメ】『The Missing 8(ミッシングエイト)』第1話(1/8) - Welcome To Our Life -
The Missing 8 | Original Web Anime | #1 | Welcome To Our Life

The first episode introduces us to the protagonists, two androids named Poppy and Punkun, who have polar opposite personalities but still get along pretty well.

As Poppy recites the tale of Lux the human to Punkun, the latter gets a bit irritated about why Poppy is so fascinated with a fictional being.

Soon they run into some Dragonewts, who are destructive creatures that terrorize others.

We soon discover that the androids are divided into two categories, the imaginators, and the creators. One of each forms a pair that protects their area from the Dragonewts.

As you can guess, Poppy is an imaginator, while Punkun is the creator. An imaginator can form codes for weapons in their mind and communicate it to the creator who takes on the shape and abilities of that weapon.

Punkun loses an arm due to Poppy’s immature behavior and unawareness of the situation, but the two defeat the Dragonewts and protect the area.

【オリジナルWEBアニメ】『The Missing 8(ミッシングエイト)』第2話(2/8) - The Middle -
The Missing 8 | Original Web Anime | #2 | The Middle

Episode 2 is where the story takes an exciting turn. A mysterious meteor falls on the planet, which turns out to be a spaceship.

Mother, the creator of all androids, gets a report from Poppy about the meteor and immediately gets agitated about its reality.

Curious by Mother’s reaction, Poppy convinces Punkun to check out the surrounding area of the meteor crash and find an unconscious human lying on the ground.

Naoki Yoshibe has done a great job at the animation, and Fuzi, along with Yoshibe and the others, has penned a brilliant and engaging script.

These two episodes were so exhilarating that I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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About The Missing 8

The Missing 8 is an original net anime by WIT Studio, Fuzi, and Naoki Yoshibe. The concept debuted in Fuzi’s music videos released in Overf1low and Optimi2er in July 2019 and March 2020, respectively.

It revolves around androids Poppy and Punkun, who live on a planet where humans are fabled. Their world comprises androids, robots, sky fish, and destructive creatures called Dragonewts. One day, a human spaceship crashlands on the planet and changes everything.

Source: Fuzi’s YouTube Channel

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