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Edens Zero Anime Reveals Confirmed April Release Date With Trailer

Edens Zero, the upcoming anime from Fairy Tail’s creator, has revealed a confirmed release date! The fantasy manga has received a great response from fans and will also be adapted into games soon. Shiki lives on a planet ruled by robots, and his life changes when he meets Rebecca and her[…]

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The World Ends With You Anime Reveals 2nd PV And Key Visuals

Square Enix’s ‘The World Ends with You’ is known for its addictive gameplay and complex yet unique storyline. This year’s Anime Expo surprised us with the news of the masterpiece game getting an anime adaptation. The anime will take place in a fictional version of the Shibuya shopping district […]

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Kemono Jihen Anime Releases First PV, Reveals Release Date

Kemono Jihen anime is about a boy known as Dorotabou, who is avoided by the entire village. The story takes us to a world where human beings coexist with supernatural creatures, spirits, and demons, referred to as “Kemono.” The series takes a special interest in the occult, exploring […]

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Edens Zero TV Anime 2021 Release Date, Visuals & More

Edens Zero is a sci-fi manga written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It’s a fast-paced mystery, with plot points executed perfectly in a competent manner. This way of writing is completely different from his other famous work, Fairy Tail. Now that an anime adaptation is announced let’s see if it’s worth the wait or not. […]

Anime FUNimation Reviews Shiki

Is Shiki good? Is it worth watching? Complete Review

The anime Shiki is based on a hugely popular novel series written by the Japanese novelist Fuyumi Ono, who has written many popular horror-thriller novels like The Twelve Kingdoms, The Ghost Hunt and Shiki. Then, the distinguished manga artist Ryu Fujisaki started creating a manga, based on the novel on the magazine Jump S.Q. Because […]