Edens Zero Announces New Cast! Fairy Tail’s Jellal VA Playing Justice?!

Hiro Mashima gave us two franchises based on the same theme – friendship. While one was centered around the found family trope, the other one, Edens Zero, is about fighting for the ones who shed tears for you.

Edens Zero came as a Christmas gift for all of the Fairy Tail fans who just couldn’t get enough of the manga and the anime.

Edens Zero announced the cast for two of its upcoming characters, Justice and Witch Regret, in the TV anime series on their official Twitter account. 

The character of Justice, a former prince, and member of the Cosmic Government’s Interstellar Union Army, will be played by none other than Daisuke Namikawa.


[ #EDENSZERO Justice CV lifted! ]

Justice, the Star System Federation of the Space Government, is decided by Daisuke Namikawa! Comments from Mr. Namikawa have also arrived with Flexed biceps.

What is the Star System Federation Army …⁉ Shiki’s enemies or allies …

Stay tuned for episode 7 next time. ❣
Official HP ⇒ https://edens-zero.net/anime/

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Namikawa has also voiced the fan-favorite character of Fairy Tail, Jellal Fernandes.


[#EDENS ZERO Witch CV lifted! ]

Kiyono Yasuno will play the role of Witch Regret, one of the four stars! Comments from Mr. Yasuno have arrived. ❣

The witch will appear in episode 7 on Saturday, May 22nd!

Don’t miss the success of “Shield of Eden’s” Volcano.

Official HP ⇒ https://edens-zero.net/anime/

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The role of Witch Regret, a robot and a member of the Four Shining Stars, will be played by Kiyono Yasuno. 

Yasuno has also played the role of the beauty with brains character, Nejire Hadou, from My Hero Academia. 

Justice and Witch Regret will appear in the upcoming Episode 7 of the anime this week!

Both of these actors are among the best in their line of work and have played several iconic characters; I can’t wait to see them in Edens Zero now!

Edens Zero is the perfect follow-up anime for Fairy Tail as both of them have characters resembling one another.

Edens Zero even gave us fans a few easter eggs, which we were desperate to see. *reference to NaLu cameo in Edens Zero*


Not gonna lie, but I quite literally cried at that moment, as any average Fairy Tail fan would.

The Edens Zero anime premiered in April and has released a total of six episodes till now. 

What are you waiting for?! Go watch it if you haven’t already and tell us what you think about it!

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About Edens Zero

Edens Zero is a Japanese science fiction manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, into fourteen tankōbon volumes as of March 2021.

At the Granbell Kingdom, Shiki has lived his entire life among machines, in an abandoned amusement park. But one day, Rebecca and her cat companion Happy appear at the park’s front gates.

Little do they know that this is the first human contact Granbell has had in a hundred years! As Shiki stumbles his way into making new friends, his former neighbors stir at an opportunity for a robot-rebellion.

When his old homeland becomes too dangerous, Shiki must join Rebecca and Happy on their spaceship and escape into the boundless cosmos.

Source: Edens Zero Twitter

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