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Konosuba Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Visuals, Updates

Konosuba narrates the tale of an average high school boy who dies a pathetic death and tries to over smart the god of death immediately after. It depicts how someone from our world would actually stand in that alien world’s hierarchy: confused and weak rather than extremely overpowered […]

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Who Does Kazuma End Up with in Konosuba?

Konosuba has spanned 17 light novels, and with every word, fans have become more and more invested in the character’s lives. This is the main reason why they are bittersweet about the open manner in which the series concluded. While the light novel started with Kazuma and Aqua, and it was only […]

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How to Watch Konosuba? Easy Watch Order Guide

Konosuba, one of the best isekai comedies, is a show about an otaku who finds himself in a dark void afterlife following his pathetic death. After he tries to outsmart the goddess of death and chooses to spend time volunteering in a dangerous world, all his fanboy dreams come tumbling down when he realizes that his…

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Is KonoSuba finished? Will there be a sequel to KonoSuba?

It looks like the journey of anime’s most hilarious party is at it’s end. The Konosuba series released it’s final volume and concluded the story and characters we have come to love. However, there are still plenty of things to look forward to such as the anime adaptation and spin-offs, teased by the author. 1. […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Magic Ecchi Anime of All Time & Where to Watch Them!

When we witness something too beautiful to describe, we often use the word Magic for it. And if we describe Magic as a word, it’s something that’s achieved using supernatural forces. But in both cases, the one thing that remains constant is our fascination towards Magic. Similarly, the fascination towards Ecchi is nothing less than […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Supernatural Ecchi Anime Of All Time & Where To Watch Them!

Anything supernatural piques the interest of any kind of person. And when we count in Ecchi within this already popular genre, we get a genre that can make you laugh and swoon you with its perviness. Though supernatural and superpowers are not the same, we have made a list of ecchi anime that has both […]

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Entergram releases KONOSUBA Dungeon-Crawler’s Opening Movie

Konosuba is a light novel series by Natsume Akatsuki. It was later adapted into manga and anime and gave a fun spin to the Isekai genre. This popular franchise has also inspired video games for various consoles. Entergram began streaming the opening film for its upcoming KONOSUBA Dungeon Crawler game on its YouTube Channel on […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Anime If You Loved “The Devil is a Part-Timer” & Where To Watch Them!

The Devil is a Part-Timer is a story about the Demon Lord Satan who, after being driven away from Ente Isla by the Hero Emilia, ends up in the Human World. Unable to use magic, he and his general Alsiel disguise themselves as human and start working in a fast-food restaurant to feed themselves at […]

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New Konosuba RPG Game With Updated Features Releases In August

Characters in manga find themselves in another world quite often and this particular genre is called isekai. A character is transported to a parallel or a different world. The protagonist has to then survive in this place and adapt to new rules. One such work is Konosuba, a light novel series by Natsume Akatsuki. It […]

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Konosuba’s Spin-off Manga Slated to End This June 2020

All fans of series, be it manga or anime face a common dilemma. While they are eager to know how it ends, they also hate parting with their favorite series which they had been following for months or even years. They wish for it to be prolonged so that they can cherish it more. We […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Anime If You Loved “Dan Machi” & Where To Watch Them!

Danmachi is a story about Bell embarking on his journey to become the greatest adventurer in the land. He is accompanied by a lone goddess Hestia, who is in search of followers. This series is a well-executed fantasy-world adventure accompanied by quirky characters. There are some series that have similarities with “Is It Wrong to […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Anime If You Loved “KonoSuba” & Where To Watch Them!

Konosuba is a story about a NEET reincarnating in a real fantasy world after dying pathetically. He makes a grave mistake by bringing along Aqua, whom he thinks to be powerful being a goddess. This series will endlessly entertain you with the stupidity and lewdness of the characters. There are quite a few stories that resemble […]