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Spoiler Sites in Danger as Tokyo District Court Rules Against Unauthorized Manga Reposts!

Spoilers are not only a major annoyance for most readers but it also heavily harms the manga industry. The Tokyo District Court has taken serious steps to cut down on this spoiler rampage. If you are an avid manga reader, you must know that spoilers for major manga series like Boruto, Dragon[…]

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Who is the Real Niko Tokita in Kengan Ashura/Omega Series?

Kengan Ashura’s clever tactic of bringing the gladiator fights on screen hasn’t gone unnoticed. The premise of gladiator fights taking place in the modern era to protect corporate rights gives our liberal world an interesting twist. Despite the stellar animation, there are certain aspects of the show that require revisiting. 1. Quick Answer  The “real” […]

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Is Baki Hanma Stronger than Ohma Tokita?

The premise of both the series, Baki and Kengan Ashura, is based on power and martial arts. The protagonists in each of them try their best to grow stronger and defeat every opponent that comes in their way. Due to this, fans often compare their power levels and debate about who’s stronger. Below I’ve talked […]

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Kengan Ashura Season 3 (The End of Ohma Tokita) – Release Date

It’s time to assemble all the battle anime fans. Kengan Ashura is back with its dynamic action loaded fight sequences, probably for the last time. Now that we all have watched the first two seasons, this one is literally making me weak in the knees, as this most likely would be the last season. In […]

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Kengan Omega Chapter 62: Release Date, Scans, Recap

With Kengan Omega’s weekly release, we will see how Medel and Gaolangwong’s fight continues. Medel seems to be overwhelming Gaolangwong, and it won’t be that long till we find out how the match ends. Let’s take a look at Kengan Omega Chapter 61 spoilers, release date, and time. 1. Chapter 62 Release Date Chapter 62 […]