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Spoiler Sites in Danger as Tokyo District Court Rules Against Unauthorized Manga Reposts!

Spoilers are not only a major annoyance for most readers but it also heavily harms the manga industry. The Tokyo District Court has taken serious steps to cut down on this spoiler rampage.

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If you are an avid manga reader, you must know that spoilers for major manga series like Boruto, Dragon Ball, and others are released a few days before their chapters are officially released.

However, these spoilers lead to fewer readers accessing the official website or buying actual manga volumes, resulting in a loss for the creators.

Shogakukan had come across a specific “spoiler site” where almost all the lines from a manga’s chapter were posted without authorization. The Tokyo District Court has thus ruled that it was an act of copyright infringement.

The information of the person who had posted the details was then handed over to Shogakukan. This incident led to the court ruling the act of posting unauthorized manga text as a copyright infringement action. 

Kengan Omega manga’s 63 chapters were available on the “spoiler site” with no permission. The act of posting all the dialogues is called “epoch-making.”

Spoiler Sites in Danger as Tokyo District Court Rules Against Unauthorized Manga Reposts!
Kengan Omega | Source: Fandom

Manga creators and publishing companies are becoming wary of such “spoiler sites” and “trending blogs” that publish manga content on the internet without authorization.

Since these chapters are posted on or before the actual release date, the leakers can make cash out of the act.

Attack on Titan’s manga is nearing the release date of its final chapter. Naturally, the manga is a hot target for all the spoiler websites out there.

Kodansha has already started taking action against any account or individual who is leaking images or content. The company has made it clear that this time action will be taken “regardless of country.”

Source: NHK

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