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Is Baki Hanma Stronger than Ohma Tokita?

The premise of both the series, Baki and Kengan Ashura, is based on power and martial arts. The protagonists in each of them try their best to grow stronger and defeat every opponent that comes in their way.

Due to this, fans often compare their power levels and debate about who’s stronger.

Below I’ve talked about both Ohma and Baki’s strength and the possible victor in case of a fight between them.

1. Is Baki Stronger than Ohma?

Baki and Ohma are the protagonists of their own series, so it’s understandable for them to be compared. In terms of strength and skill, Baki Hanma is stronger than Ohma Tokita.

Is Baki Hanma stronger than Tokita Ohma?
Ohma vs Baki

However, one must keep in mind that the difference between the series’ power levels is great.

The most powerful character in the Baki series is shown to have stopped earthquakes easily, and Baki Hanma is someone who is recognized by that man. It is definitely not fair to compare him to Ohma.

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Even if we only consider skill, Baki is a master of mixed martial arts and can easily counter his opponent’s moves thanks to its versatility.

His techniques, such as Aiki, and endorphins boost, are a perfect counter for Ohma’s abilities such as Nico and advance. Even without restrictions, in terms of raw power, the Ashura falls short in front of the Champion.

While their speed, reflexes, and toughness might be of a similar level, Baki has worked under the top trainers that give him an edge over Ohma. Even the opponents he faced were stronger than the latter’s.

That is not to say that Ohma is weak, because he certainly is not. However, Baki is just much stronger, and his power does justice to his title as the second strongest man.

2. How Strong is Baki?

Baki’s combat style is mixed martial arts, mainly consisting of Karate, Pro Wrestling, Judo, Kempo, and Jujutsu. He keeps on developing and expanding his abilities throughout the series by learning both original movements as well as the movements of his previous opponents.

Baki vs Retsu Kaioh Part 3
Baki Hanma vs Kaioh Retsu

Baki is known for his unusual training methods, such as shadow-boxing while imagining to fight his next opponent. This allows him to anticipate every move of his opponent in the actual fight and spot their weaknesses.

Baki’s training, creativity, and experience make him someone who even Yujiro Hanma, the strongest creature, has acknowledged.

I. Who is Baki?

Baki Hanma is the protagonist of the Baki the Grappler franchise. His goal is to surpass his father, Yujiro Hanma, who is known as the strongest creature on Earth.

Baki’s relationship with his father is complicated since he almost always speaks about him with great anger and yet, at the same time, cares about what he thinks of him.

Baki is one of the strongest characters in the series. In fact, he is granted the title of ‘Strongest’ by Yujiro for putting up a fight against him, the strongest creature in the world.

Is Baki Hanma stronger than Tokita Ohma?
Baki Hanma | Source: Fandom

II. What are Baki’s Abilities?

Baki’s strength is continuously growing throughout the series. At first, Baki was shown to be on the same level as Mount Toba, a wrestler who was strong enough to easily defeat Junichi Hanada.

When he turned 17, he was already the Champion of the Tokyo Underground Dome.

As Baki’s never stops getting stronger throughout the series, it isn’t easy to set a definitive level to his strength. Baki’s power further increased during his fight with Gaia when he learned to utilize his endorphins to boost his strength and speed.

Later, he grew powerful enough to fight against two escaped convicts at once and quickly defeated them. His strength, speed, stamina, and techniques are superior to the majority of characters.

Baki Hanma vs Muhammad Ali Jr

By the end of the third series, before his ultimate fight with his father, Baki is so strong that he can vaporize a punching machine pad with a casual punch.

Baki has grown a lot, from being the tournament champion, to be able to take on two of the escaped death row inmates at the same time.

He easily handled his opponent, Muhammad Ali Jr, during the Great Raitai Tournament and nearly killedhim in under two minutes.

Baki is considerably stronger than his father was at his age, and his rate of progression in terms of strength is faster too. It may not be long before he becomes the strongest character in the series.

3. How Strong Is Ohma?

Ohma is a powerful fighter whose strength, speed, and endurance are far above any average human. He has also been noted to possess extraordinary kinetic vision, as well as an equally excellent sense of hearing.

When Kazuo’s son Yasuo accidentally brought home a biker gang consisting of more than 100 men, he defeated all of them without breaking a sweat.

Tokita Ohma vs Inaba Ryo
Ohma Tokita Fight

From him easily defeating the king of underground karate to punching a hole into the side of a mountain, it’s clear he’s extremely powerful.

However, Ohma’s actual strength lies in his versatility and adaptability.

Ever since he regained his memories after his fight with Kure Raian, he has shown great mastery over the Niko Style, and his fighting skill has reached a new level.

I. Who is Ohma?

Tokita Ohma is the protagonist of Kengan Ashura and a man who loves to fight. Having grown up in the lawless territory known as The Inside, he was adopted by Tokita Niko, who taught him the Niko style of martial arts.

Is Baki Hanma stronger than Tokita Ohma?
Ohma Tokita | Source: Fandom

Later on, Ohma left The Inside to seek powerful opponents and eventually joined the Kengan Association as a fighter for the Nogi Group, and then, Yamashita Trading Co. with his friend and manager Yamashita Kazuo.

II. What are Ohma’s Abilities?

Ohma is a powerful fighter whose strength, speed, and endurance are far above any average human. Thanks to Niko, he can also perform image training while sleeping. During this time, he observes and spars with copies of the fighters that he’s created.

While Ohma has a great amount of endurance, in extreme situations where his stamina is completely depleted, he involuntarily performs autophagy, which allows him to fight past his limits. In this state, he competes with more steady and smooth motions than when fatigued.

Ohma shows ‘Advance’ against Raian

When using “Advance,” which is a special technique, and the other half of the Niko Style, Ohma’s speed, acceleration, torque, and damage output dramatically increases.

Before his fight against Kuroki Gensai, he gained perfect control over this ability, which allowed him to regulate its output at will.

After regaining all his memories after his fight with Kure Raian, Ohma’s overall fighting skill significantly increased, and he showed massive improvement over the Niko style.

4. About Kengan Ashura

Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas have existed in various forms around the world. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where the winner takes all.

Is Baki Hanma stronger than Tokita Ohma?
Kengan Ashura

Tokita “Ashura” Ohma joins these arenas and devastates his opponents. His spectacular ability to crush his enemies catches the attention of big business owners, including the Nogi Group CEO, Nogi Hideki.

5. About Baki

Baki is adjusted from the manga, Baki The Grappler, and it’s a well-known manga arrangement in Japan since it made its presentation. It’s very famous among battling aficionados.

Is Baki Hanma stronger than Tokita Ohma?
Baki the Grappler

The establishment has been extraordinarily well known for nearly three decades since its introduction in 1991. The show showed up on Netflix Japan first in June 2018 and was later trailed by a worldwide release in December 2018.

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