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Does Julius Have A Devil? Could He Have Been Evil All Along?

The 286th chapter of Black Clover has really stirred up discussions among fans! After one of the rulers of the underworld was revealed to have time magic, many fans, including myself, couldn’t help but think of Julius Novachrono. Not only is Julius extremely strong, but his magic type is very rare[…]

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Black Clover Anime Episode 171: Release Date, Speculations, Upcoming Movie and More!

Black Clover’s episode 170 ended in the most Asta-like way possible and left us wondering if we will ever get episode 171. Of course, instead of enslaving his devil, Asta would end up befriending! With a single move, he proved to both Nacht and Liebe how big of a kind-hearted and dumb bloke[…]

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Will Black Clover Anime Ever Return? Will It Be On Hiatus, Get Sequels, Or Even, Its Own Movie?

When the news “Black Clover — ending on March 30, 2021” popped everywhere on social media, the fanbase took to heart the earth-shattering event! And frankly, I felt as if the oxygen was literally pumped out from my lungs when I read the news! It’s as if I will never be able to breathe air […]

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Who is the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls in Black Clover?

Black Bulls is a collective representation of its captain, Yami Sukehiro’s temperament, and principles. From Henry’s reveal to the base’s massive transformation, we know better than to underestimate this squad. Despite being one of the lowest-ranked, it has made its way to the very top, thanks to its powerful captain, and members, but the topic […]

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How Strong Is The Dark Disciple Who Beat Luck Voltia? Is Luck Only Stage One?

Black Clover manga is well into its Spade Kingdom arc as of chapter 247, “Battlefield: Heart Kingdom.” If you have been catching up with Black Clover, you must know that the manga has been on a high-horse for a couple of weeks. Week after week, thrilling chapters have been released since the attack on Golden Dawn, followed by […]

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Black Clover Chapter 246 Reveals The Vice-Captain Of The Black Bull Magic Knights Squad

Black Clover is the story of Asta, a magicless kid in a magical world and his rival Yuno, the childhood prodigy, both aiming to become the next Wizard King. After becoming Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom, Asta joined the supposedly weakest and lowest of all squads – Black Bulls. However, since Asta and Noelle’s […]