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Who is the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls in Black Clover?

Black Bulls is a collective representation of its captain, Yami Sukehiro’s temperament, and principles. From Henry’s reveal to the base’s massive transformation, we know better than to underestimate this squad. Despite being one of the lowest-ranked, it has made its way to the very top, thanks to its powerful captain, and members, but the topic […]

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Who is the best girl in Black Clover? Is it Noelle?

The Black Clover anime has been garnering attention over time, both in Japan and internationally, and has already amassed a steady following of fans. As the story is progressing, the characters are getting more fleshed out. As a series with one of the most well-developed female characters, there have always been arguments and debates about […]

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Black Clover Gives Charmy a Long Overdue Upgrade

Black Clover anime’s Reincarnation arc is on its peak as Asta and other Magical Knights are going up against the resurrected mythical people and with the fights getting progressively extraordinary, each episode is a nail-biter. Episode 114 shows Yuno advancing into the elves château with Charmy following him, curious to see what happens. Being separated […]