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Who is the best girl in Black Clover? Is it Noelle?

The Black Clover anime has been garnering attention over time, both in Japan and internationally, and has already amassed a steady following of fans. As the story is progressing, the characters are getting more fleshed out. As a series with one of the most well-developed female characters, there have always been arguments and debates about […]

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Black Clover Anime Reveals Nero’s True Identity – Secre Swallowtail

Black Clover’s anime is currently in it’s Reincarnation Arc, and with the upcoming final battle, the show is releasing new information to aid in its story building. Episode 117 of the series, titled “Breaking the Seal ”, revealed Nero’s true identity. Nero’s true form is a young girl named Secre Swallowtail, and is involved in […]