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Who is the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls in Black Clover?

Black Bulls is a collective representation of its captain, Yami Sukehiro’s temperament, and principles. From Henry’s reveal to the base’s massive transformation, we know better than to underestimate this squad.

Despite being one of the lowest-ranked, it has made its way to the very top, thanks to its powerful captain, and members, but the topic of its Vice Captain had always remained quite dubious to fans, i.e., until now!

With the recent manga release, Tabata once again showed us his amazing storytelling skills.

The Black Bull’s reactions, especially Vanessa and Finral, and the whole sequence of Asta waking up and realizing his helplessness was extremely emotionally heavy.

This hit even harder when he cried for the first time since his arms were cursed.

With this desperation, and melancholy settling in, Tabata introduced an extremely anticipated character that both shocked the readers, and gave them hope.

The mysterious new character has been identified as the vice-captain of Black Bulls, and while we cannot wait to see him again next week, here’s everything to know about him.

Nacht is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls in Black Clover. He is a shadow-magic user and a spy from the Clover Kingdom who’s infiltrating the Dark Triad. Nacht also carries a devilish creature and has Weg on his forehead.

Who is the Vice-Captain of The Black Bulls In Black Clover?
Nacht | Source: Fandom

1. Who is Nacht?

Nacht is the vice-captain of Black Bulls, who was first seen in Chapter 246 of the Black Clover manga, titled “The Tree of Qliphoth.”

The chapter revealed a Magic Knight who was working in the Spade Kingdom as a spy.

It showed him in Dante’s chamber, looming over what looked like plans and layouts of the Dark Triad’s goal, as a soldier discovered him.

Who is the Vice-Captain of The Black Bulls In Black Clover?
Nacht | Source: Fandom

In a matter of a few seconds, the spy managed to vanish out of thin air and appear behind the soldier, dragging him into shadows.

The next panel showed him wearing the Black Bulls robe, which was when fans assumed him being the vice-captain. Fortunately, we were right this time, as proven by the latest released chapter 261, so pat yourselves on the back XD.

Continuing, after the great battle with really tragic results, Chapter 261 of Black Clover gave us a peek into the dire situation and widespread destruction caused by it.

We saw the Black Bulls still coping after Yami was taken captive, while the healer looked at Asta’s injuries.

The next few panels showed Asta suddenly waking up, and finding his grimoire with a brand new page, and Yami’s sword coming out of it.

All of this just reminded him of his helplessness, and despite his fatal injuries, he ran to help his captain in any way he could.

However, just as he approached the hallway, his body stopped moving, and Black Bulls’ elusive vice-captain made his appearance.

He stopped Asta and said that he was just too weak to save his captain. Furthermore, he criticized Yami and commented that it would be better for him to be taken away.

This resulted in an enraged Asta, who tried to attack him but was pinned down by several shadowy hands.

With the Shadow Magic-user finally removing his hood, we got to witness one of the most shocking reveals in this chapter.

The mysterious man introduced himself to be Nacht, the vice-captain of Black Bulls, and a Devil Magic-user.

After this unexpected reveal, he further offered to train Asta in his Devil powers and make him powerful enough to save Yami.

a) Background & Heritage

While Nacht was revealed to be the vice-captain, there are still many unanswered questions, the first one being his background.

As we know by now, all mages of this kingdom have a clover on the cover of their grimoire.

However, from what we have seen of Nacht’s grimoire so far, there is no such symbol on it.

Who is the Vice-Captain of The Black Bulls In Black Clover?
Nacht’s grimoire | Source: Fandom

While it makes sense to cover it up, since he was a spy in the Spade Kingdom, is that the only reason?

In the latest chapter, even when he appeared in front of Asta, his grimoire was shown to be symbol-less.

It seems as if this has been done intentionally by Tabata, and it might be possible that like Yami, he too might be from a different kingdom.

b) Nacht and Yami

Unlike most squads, Yami, the captain of Black Bulls, selects its members based not only on their power but also on many other factors.

He mainly looks at their drive, personality, and actions. Due to this, despite there being many members with unique characteristics, all of them appear to be inherently good.

While it is easy to imagine that the one Yami appoints as the vice-captain will be someone he trusts the most, with Nacht’s reveal, the second question that pops up in our minds is about the relation between them?

As I’ve discussed in the above para, Nacht does not seem to have a clover grimoire from what we have seen so far.

Additionally, Yami is a foreigner from the Hino country, i.e., the Land of the Rising Sun. Furthermore, Nacht basically means night in German, which both contradicts, as well as matches Yami.

It is possible that while not from the same country, he might be a foreigner and was recruited by the Black Bulls’ captain for that reason.

c) Shadow Magic & Weg

No matter the reasons for his appointment, as per his position, he is incredibly strong. This brings us to our third question, what exactly are his powers?

In both chapter 246, as well as 261, we see Nacht using Shadow Magic.

He first used this attribute to slip in and out of shadows and drag people into them. In the recent chapter, he was shown to immobilize and physically restrain Asta with shadow-like arms.

Who is the Vice-Captain of The Black Bulls In Black Clover?
Nacht Restrains Asta | Source: Fandom

Other than simply using and manipulating shadows, he was also seen with devil horns, called Weg, on his head. It is assumed that he sprouted them due to using the powers of the devil-like creature on his shoulder.

2. Who Is on Nacht’s Shoulder?

With Vice-captain Nacht finally here, it looks like Asta is not the first member of Black Bulls to use Devil powers.

In chapter 261 of Black Clover, after Nacht introduced himself, he was seen featuring two horns on his head and had a black winged creature sitting on his right shoulder. Furthermore, he even offered to train Asta in his Devil powers. All of this points towards the vice-captain being a devil host like Asta.

In the raws released of chapter 262, the creature on Nacht’s shoulder is revealed to be a demon from a different dimension. Furthermore, he is in his night form, which means that his current size and appearance is temporary.

One reason why we doubt that Nacht has a devil on his shoulder is due to Yami never bringing it up. While it seems like him to not divulge anything unless asked, and it makes sense why he was not surprised when Asta used his devil powers, there should have been some mention, even in passing about Nacht.

This might also mean that the vice-captain could have just recently become a devil-host during his spying mission in the Spade Kingdom. We will probably get to know more about this creature in the next chapter.

3. Is Nacht a Traitor in Disguise?

While all of us are excited and awaiting more chapters featuring Nacht, the vice-captain of Black Bulls, can he really be trusted?

As we all know, he was a spy in the Spade Kingdom, and as I mentioned above, there’s a high chance that he became a devil host during this time. Furthermore, the circumstances behind his arrival feel suspiciously convenient.

While it seems as if he acted as a spy, and was busy with his mission, he arrived just after Yami was taken. Shouldn’t he have been aware of the Dark Triad’s plans, and have tried to warn his captain?

Who is the Vice-Captain of The Black Bulls In Black Clover?
Dante | Source: Fandom

Furthermore, since he spent a lot of time in the Spade Kingdom, it is quite possible that he ended up switching sides and became a double agent.

Another probable situation is that he has his own plan, and is on neither’s side, only working for himself.

His saving grace is the fact that he was selected by Yami to be the vice-captain, and we know from experience that the latter is a good judge of character.

Whatever it may be, a Black Bull member who goes rogue, or bad will be an interesting concept to explore.

4. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from February 2015 and currently has 23 volumes in tankōbon format.

Black Clover follows the life of Asta, a young boy without magic powers within a World of Magic. His circumstance does not hinder his dream of becoming the next Wizard King.

Along with his frenemy, Yuno, Asta sets into the world of Magic Knights and Squads in hopes of making his dream a reality.

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