Dr. Stone Manga News

Dr. Stone Chapter 156 Reveals Senku & Dr. Xeno’s Relationship

Dr. Stone’s previous chapter (155) revealed important information about Senku’s past. Dr. Xeno, the scientist which Senku’s team encounters in America, is an ex-NASA scientist who was also Senku’s mentor. Chapter 156 of Dr. Stone was released on June 26, and it further clarifies the relation between the two. Senku has known Xeno ever since […]

Anime News So I'm A Spider, So What?

So I’m A Spider, So What? Anime Release Date & New Visual

The isekai genre of manga depicts an escape from the restraints of reality in the actual world. Since the character is transported to a parallel world or a different world altogether, the plot is not restricted by rules of the human world. So I’m a Spider So What, takes advantage of that exact trait. So […]

Anime Fate/Stay Night Movies News

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III Rescheduled for August 15

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel has released two films so far: Presage Flower and Lost Butterfly, both of which were very successful. The official website and twitter account for Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III recently announced that the film would premiere in Japanese theatres on August 15, 2020. 公開延期を発表しておりました『劇場版「Fate/stay night[HF]」第三章』につきまして、本年8月15日(土)に公開することを決定いたしました。 [Heaven’s Feel]全三部作の最終章。士郎の、桜の、全ての結末を、映画館でお楽しみ頂ければ幸いです。 — Fate/stay night […]

Anime Dragon Ball Universe News

Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Saga Back on Toonami

The Dragon Ball franchise has been one that all of us grew up with. We saw Goku grow from his first adventure with Bulma to gathering all 7 Dragon Balls, achieving godly power with his Mastered Ultra Instinct. Dragon Ball Super is widely criticized for its bad animation, but managed to succeed with the new […]

Anime FUNimation News SUPER HXEROS

Funimation to Stream SUPER HXEROS from July 3

We can’t stop writing about the list of anime premiering in July. With this ever-increasing list releasing in July, fans outside Japan can’t wait for entertainment companies to license them. Funimation recently announced that they had licensed SUPER HXEROS Anime and they will begin streaming it simultaneously from July 3 as a part of their […]

Anime Great Pretender News

Great Pretender’s Anime Releases 2nd PV for Case 4!

Back in 2019 at Anime Expo, WIT Studio announced that they would be releasing a studio original ‘Great Pretender’ in summer 2020. Despite the production issues from COVID-19, they delivered on time and the anime aired as per its schedule. The official website for WIT Studio, the studio animating the series, started streaming the anime’s […]

Anime Coming Soon Hundred News Upcoming Anime Seasons

Hundred Season 2: Release Info, Storyline, Cast, News

Based on Jun Misaki’s light novel, the anime series Hundred concluded its first season back in 2016, and fans have been waiting for the second season since. Let’s take a look at all the information regarding the upcoming season of Hundred. 1. Season 2 Release Date Season 2 is yet to be renewed; however, according […]

Anime Netflix News Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli Movies Now Available on Netflix Canada

Studio Ghibli is the home to some of the greatest movies like Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and many more. And now those of you with Netflix Canada can enjoy them on the streaming service’s platform. Netflix is trying to become a major player in anime streaming. Its library already […]

Conversations With Friends Hulu News TV Series

Conversations With Friends: Hulu to adapt another Sally Rooney

After The Handmaid’s Tale, Little Fires Everywhere and Normal People, Hulu has yet another thrilling book adaptation coming up. Conversations With Friends, another one of Sally Rooney’s acclaimed novels, will be adapted by the streaming network. Rooney’s earlier book, Normal People became a hit Hulu Original in 2020 so the decision to adapt her debut […]

Anime Coming Soon News Plunderer Upcoming Anime Seasons

Plunderer Season 2: Release Info, Visual, Cast & Updates

Isekai anime shows have been pretty popular nowadays. Now and then, there’s another iskeai getting released, be it an anime, manga or a light novel. What makes the genre interesting is its setting and the characters. January 8th marked the release of Plunderer, another isekai anime. The first season recently wrapped up and was able […]

Manga News Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko)

Tenki No Ko Manga Ends in October with Volume #3

Original animes or theatrical releases often inspire manga adaptation. Makoto Shinkai’s second film Weathering With You, popularly known as Tenki No Ko, was another successful film that inspired a manga adaptation. Tenki No Ko’s second compiled volume revealed on Tuesday that the manga adaptation would reach its conclusion with its third and final volume in […]

Manga News Otoko-Zaka

Otoko-Zaka Manga to Launch Honjin Shitō-hen Arc on July 4

Otoko-Zaka is a popular action shounen manga that returned from its 35-year long break in 2014. The manga is relatively popular in Italy and has a generous fanbase in the country. Manga creator Masami Kurumada ended the Takeshima Honjin-hen arc of Otoko-Zaka on the Shounen Jump+ app with its seventh chapter on March 29. This […]