Abandoned Documentary Hulu Reviews

Abandoned HULU Review: The Best Travel Show?

Reality shows have a tendency of amplifying events to get a reaction out of the audience. Abandoned is far from those hyperreal shows. It is a solemn look at regions that have been left behind for various reasons. It is an unusual take on travel-based reality television, that is extremely well-executed.

Documentary Reviews Unacknowledged

Is Unacknowledged Any Good? Worth Your Time?

Humankind’s curiosity and imagination led to the discovery of many wonderful things. As soon as man became aware of outer space, rumours and theories have run high in regard to the ultimate question: do we share our universe with the non-human like creatures? Unacknowledged attempts to answer that question and in the process, reveals a […]

Documentary Netflix Reviews The Story Of Diana

The Story Of Diana Review: Is The Documentary Good?

Twenty years after her death, ABC & People have come together to produce The Story of Diana, a four-hour documentary looking into the life of the beloved princess. It gives you a never-before-seen look into the early life and marriage of Princess Diana with exclusive footage and interviews. 1. Quick Review The Story of Diana […]

A Wilderness of Error Documentary News

True Crime Docuseries, A Wilderness Of Error Coming Soon on FX

An all-new true-crime docuseries, A Wilderness of Error, is ready to hit the OTT platform Hulu. It is however not a Hulu original and the series was ordered by the FX network, where it will first premiere and arrive a day later on Hulu’s FX channel.  Based on the eponymous best-selling book by Errol Morris, the show […]

Documentary Hail Satan? Hulu Reviews

Will Hail Satan? prove to be worth the watch? Complete Review

Hail Satan? is a documentary that premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Through it, director Lane focuses on members of The Satanic Temple, an organized group of Satan worshipers founded in 2013. In the same year, the organization made headlines with a press conference. At the Florida State Capitol, they praised Governor Rick Scott […]

Documentary Miss Americana Netflix Reviews

Miss Americana Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Miss Americana follows American singer-songwriter and international pop star, Taylor Swift, through many years of her professional career. With interviews, backstage recordings, and rehearsal footage, the documentary deep dives into Swift’s actions in recent years. We see a self-critical portrait of Swift, but as the documentary was directed and released according to her instructions, it […]

Documentary News Rising Phoenix

History of Paralympics to Come to Netflix with Rising Phoenix

Sports enthusiasts! Get ready for the inspiration of a lifetime. Rising Phoenix, the story of the Paralympic Movement, is coming soon on Netflix. The British documentary will feature the history of the Paralympic Games and the global movement for the disabled-friendly that led to its inception. The date has been set and invitation sent out […]

Documentary Hulu Marianne and Leonard: Words Of Love Reviews

Marianne and Leonard: Words Of Love, Complete Review

Nick Broomfield’s documentary, Marianne and Leonard: Words Of Love, explores the famous love story between singer and writer Leonard Cohen and his love interest Marianne Ihlen. She was the inspiration behind many of his hit songs like “Bird On The Wire,” “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” and “So Long, Marianne.” With beautiful beaches […]

Dark Net Documentary Reviews Showtime

Is Dark Net Worth Your Time? A Complete Review

Dark Net is an eight-part Showtime documentary series. It was developed by the tech and media company Vocativ. It consists of eight episodes running half-hour each. Dark Net examines how the technology that makes the deep web possible is now inserting itself into everyday life. Each episode of the series typically interweaves three separate stories […]

Documentary Outcry Reviews TV Series

Outcry Complete Review: Is it Good & Worth Watching?

Outcry is a bold piece of filmmaking that spans nearly three years and follows the trial of Greg Kelly in his sexual assault case. The case in which a local football star who was accused and sent to jail for sexually assaulting two minors divided a town and destroyed a life and a professional career. […]

Documentary Reviews Wrinkles The Clown

Is Wrinkles the Clown Worth Watching? Full Review

Based on the massive blockbuster success of Joker and IT, you would think that a documentary that follows the life of a real-life scary clown would be a resounding success. Wrinkles the Clown manages to shoot itself in the foot with a deliberate twist in the middle that damages the credibility of the documentary and […]

Coming Soon Documentary HBO HBO Max I'll Be Gone In The Dark Upcoming Documentaries

Golden State Killer: I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, Released!

HBO’s new series entitled I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is based on Michelle McNamara’s book. The documentary series is about her hunt for a killer, and the women who refused to be broken by him. McNamara had long been engrossed by darkness. She has been ever since her neighbor Kathleen Lombardo was murdered just […]