News Shameless Showtime TV Series

Shameless Hall of Shame to Expand Showtime Drama’s Final Season

Showtime is offering the fans a chance to bid the characters from Shameless a fond farewell. The cable network has announced a retrospective series of the family drama called Shameless Hall of Shame. The six-episode new series will air in between the episodes of the final season of Shameless,[…]

Halo News Showtime TV Series

Halo: Original Cortana from Games to Join TV Series

A familiar voice is coming back to the Halo TV series. After Natascha McElhone, who was previously slated to play the roles of both Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey, dropped out because of a conflict in schedule, veteran actress Jen Taylor has signed up to voice the fictional AI from the Halo[…]

Dexter Netflix News Showtime TV Series

Breaking News: Showtime Orders Dexter Reboot!

A brand-new reboot of Showtime’s extremely popular crime drama and police procedural, Dexter, is coming soon. America’s favorite serial killer, who works as a forensic analyst by day, and murders criminals by night, will return for a limited series that will start shoo in the early months of[…]

News Shameless Showtime TV Series

Shameless Season Eleven: Showtime Announces Premiere In December

Showtime’s comedy-drama Shameless is coming back on the network in December. The Gallagher family is returning to television screens to appall the viewers with their antics. The eleventh season, which is also the show’s final season, was supposed to drop in the summer of 2020 but got delayed[…]

Billions News Showtime TV Series

Billions Coming Back With Sixth Season

Billions will be returning on Showtime with its sixth season. Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades’ longstanding rivalry is coming back to television screens all guns blazing. The sixth season will see Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti coming back to the show along with Asia Kate[…]

Moonbase 8 News Showtime TV Series

Showtime Announces Premiere Date for Space Dramedy Moonbase 8

Space Dramedy anyone? Well, NASA has you covered. Showtime recently announced its latest TV show, Moonbase 8, a comedy series revolving around three astronauts eyeing to join the first-ever lunar mission. It has also announced a premiere date so get your calendars sorted! Set in a NASA outpost in the Arizona desert, the comedy series […]

Reviews Showtime The Affair TV Series

The Affair Review: Is It Worth Watching?

The Affair was one of the most unique dramas on television that told the same story from multiple perspectives, making it feel more realistic. What starts as a simple affair in season one has far-reaching consequences on the marriages, spouses, and children of the couple involved. While the first two seasons of the show are […]

Reviews Shameless Showtime TV Series

Will Shameless’ Season 10 Be Worth Your Time?

Shameless is an American comedy-drama television series developed by John Wells. It is based on the British series of the same name by Paul Abbott and debuted on Showtime in January, 2011. The tenth season of the immensely popular show was announced on January 31, 2019, two days after the premiere of season 9’s last […]

Dark Net Documentary Reviews Showtime

Is Dark Net Worth Your Time? A Complete Review

Dark Net is an eight-part Showtime documentary series. It was developed by the tech and media company Vocativ. It consists of eight episodes running half-hour each. Dark Net examines how the technology that makes the deep web possible is now inserting itself into everyday life. Each episode of the series typically interweaves three separate stories […]

Mississippi Damned Movies Reviews Showtime

Mississippi Damned Review: Is It Good & Worth Watching?

Mississippi Damned is a drama that takes place over two time periods – 1986 & 1998 and tells the story of Black Poverty and Abuse in American slums. It is sturdy and pulls no punches, providing a raw depiction of a vicious cycle of abuse, addiction, and violence brought upon by poverty. A generation’s struggle […]

Kidding News Showtime TV Series

Showtime Cancels Jim Carrey’s ‘Kidding’

The Jim Carrey starred Showtime series, Kidding, has been cancelled after two seasons. In a statement issued by Showtime, the cable network confirmed that after 2 very successful seasons, the critically acclaimed and rewarding series will not be returning for a third season. The story of the beloved children’s show saw a successful conclusion at […]

CBS News Showtime TV Series

Showtime Moots Special Series on Afro-American Legend Lena Horne

Lena Horne – the silky-voiced singing legend who shattered Hollywood stereotypes of African Americans on screen in the 1940s as a symbol of glamour. Her legacy is being revived by Showtime in a limited series that is already under production. The Black Beauty With her copper-toned skin, strong cheekbones and dazzling smile, she was a […]