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Breaking News: Showtime Orders Dexter Reboot!

A brand-new reboot of Showtime’s extremely popular crime drama and police procedural, Dexter, is coming soon! America’s favorite serial killer, who works as a forensic analyst by day, and murders criminals by night, will return for a limited series that will kick off shooting in the early months of 2021. If the production goes as per schedule, Dexter Morgan will be back on television screens by the fall of 2021.

Fans of the show will be especially thrilled with the news of the reboot – it is an excellent chance at redoing the particularly disappointing finale of the series. Dexter premiered on Showtime in 2006 and steadily gathered a cult following. The sociopathic forensic analyst’s story was met by critical and popular acclaim throughout its eight-year-long run.

Michael. C. Hall as Dexter Morgan | Source: IMDB

Naturally, the fans were quite let down when the extremely calculating serial killer faked his death and started living his life as a lumberjack in Oregon. It was not something Dexter would do, and it just did not make sense.

Fortunately for those who have watched the show since the beginning and have witnessed it reach its peak in the fourth season, many of the factors that led to Dexter’s initial popularity will be returning with the reboot.

Michael. C. Hall will be reprising his role as the eponymous serial killer. It is not known whether Jennifer Carpenter will come back to the series as Dexter’s adopted sister Debra. The finale made it seem that she was (spoiler) quite dead but if there is anything that television excels at, it is bringing back dead characters.

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan | Source: IMDB

Showrunner Clyde Phillips, who left after the fourth season, will be back to helm the new series. The show slowly lost its touch after the fourth season and many suggest that it is Phillips’ absence that brought about the decline.

With all the elements that made Dexter great in the first place returning with the reboot, viewers can expect the ending that the series deserves coming very soon.

Prepare for the reboot by rewatching Dexter once more, you can stream all eight seasons on Netflix, FuboTV, or the Showtime app.

Did you like or dislike the finale of Dexter?

About Dexter

Dexter follows the titular character, Dexter Morgan, a serial killer/ forensic analyst. When his mother was murdered at the age of three, Dexter became an orphan and was adopted by a police officer from the Miami Metro Police Department, Harry Morgan. As he grew up, he started developing sociopathic tendencies. His adoptive father channelized that bloodlust by making him kill all those criminals who never got punished because of the faults in the justice system.

Dexter premiered on Showtime on October 1st, 2006. It continued for eight years until its end on September 22nd, 2013. To date, it is one of Showtime’s most popular shows.

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