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Top Spy Struggles With Being a Family Man in Spy x Family’s Latest PV

Having a family and fulfilling your duties as the man of the family is a mission that even the best spy in the world struggles with. Even though it’s a fake family, you still have to make it look natural, and Spy x Family tells us about Loid Forger’s rocky experience with it. Weebs worldwide[…]

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Weekly Shonen Jump Delays Manga Release for this Week

With all sorts of genres stretching from isekai romances to mystery murders, Weekly Shonen Jump has been our most prized source of the best manga worldwide. We all heavily rely on the best-selling, longest-running manga magazine, so any minor change in their publishing schedule would impact[…]

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SPY×FAMILY Manga’s Volume 5 To Contain Exclusive Merch

All of us dream of enjoying an exciting life. Sometimes we daydream about the life of a spy or a detective and the kind of cool stuff that they must get to do. SPY×FAMILY is a cute manga about a spy and a detective pretending to live together for their own advantage, both of them […]

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Spy x Family Anime Adaptation Announced, Slated for 2022

Spy x Family is a bi-monthly manga that recently surfaced via the Shonen Jump magazine. The manga has compiled a total of 4 volumes so far and with its recent popularity it has been picked up for an anime adaptation. @YonkouProd, an unofficial yet reliable source of anime news, tweeted the announcement for Spy x […]