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Toei Animation Announces Demise Of CEO and President Osamu Tezuka

Toei Company Ltd. announced on the morning of February 14 that its president and CEO Osamu Tezuka has passed away at the age of 62. The president’s funeral will be limited to only his close relatives, but a memorial ceremony is to be held at a later date
Tezuka was born in March 1960. He has worked at Toei for over 40 years after he began working there in April […]

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An Action-Packed New Trailer Out for ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero premiered in Japanese theaters on June 11. Despite its initial popularity, the film is actually off to a pretty bad start in terms of box office revenue. Domestically, the movie may not have performed well, but we are yet to see its international earnings.

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Toei Animation Hack Delays Release of New One Piece, Digimon Episodes

It turns out the recent hack of the Toei Animation website has ravaged a bunch of chaos with some of the substantial productions of the studio. After finding their internal systems jeopardized by a third party on March 7, the company closed its online shop and temporarily closed some […]

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Butt Detective Anime: New Episodes April 2022 Release, and Latest Updates

In today’s world of obfuscating anime titles, the straightforward Butt
Detective is a puff of fresh air. The cheeky sleuth made solving mysteries fascinating,
and now it is finally getting new anime episodes. “Butt Detective” anime adaptation has
been a regular broadcast since December 2018, [.…]

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Toei’s New Experimental Project Features Idols in Edo Period

It seems like every plot that you can think of, no matter how bizarre, there’s probably an anime about it. Somehow, something as distant as idols and samurais can exist within the same story and make sense, like Toei’s new experimental project. Toei Animation and advertising agency Sotsu have[…]

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Toei Animation Celebrates One Piece’s 1000 Episodes with A Stirring Visual

After going on for 20+ years, One Piece anime is finally about to complete 1000 episodes, and we as fans are emotional about this. Ever since the anime premiered, the Straw Hat Pirates have gained enormous popularity worldwide. The anime is currently going through a thrilling Wano Country arc[…]

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A Complete Filler Guide To Dragon Ball Z Kai

As if Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z weren’t enough for the fans, Toei Animation decided to surprise fans with yet another addition to the franchise, that is Dragon Ball Z Kai. Dragon Ball Z Kai is the recut and the remastered version of Dragon Ball Z released to celebrate the 20th and 25th[….]

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Toei Reveals Trailer for Upcoming Manga Matsuri Film Festival in August

Toei’s Manga Matsuri Film Festival isn’t something you should miss if you are into some light hearted fun. The last two years of the event brought us some children classics that you should not miss out on. This time it brings you the latest offerings from the Butt Detective and The Science[…]

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Toei Brings Out God Tier Animation for Episode 978, Fans in Awe!!!

There is no denying that One Piece is one of the greatest stories of all time. With a flawless narrative and good animation quality, the series had shocked the whole anime industry. Episode 978 has set out to achieve back all the lost popularity with a single blow. However, One Piece has also[…]

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Hope for a New One Piece Film Skyrockets After Domain Registration!

One Piece is currently airing its 20th season, with the final episode set to air on 6th June. Fans are wondering what to expect next? Will there be a theatrical release like Mugen train? Or an anime special or a straight-up 1000th episode epic finale? The possibilities are endless! With the[…]

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Dragon Ball Super’s 2022 Anime Movie’s Announcement Leaked before Goku Day!

If you have been getting butterflies in your stomach just by thinking how many anime films have been declared this year, get ready for another one! Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super needs no introduction. Even if you don’t know any anime, you must have known about Goku at some point or the other.

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Toei Turns Sasebo City Into Cyberpunk Wonderland In URVAN’s Trailer

Toei’s next project, URVAN, is a short anime film that adapts the gorgeous landscapes of Sasebo city. The visuals that have been revealed are enough to blow my mind. From the play of colors to the picture-perfect representation, it is enough to make any art lover stare at the visuals for a[…]