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Toei’s New Experimental Project Features Idols in Edo Period

It seems like every plot that you can think of, no matter how bizarre, there’s probably an anime about it. Somehow, something as distant as idols and samurais can exist within the same story and make sense, like Toei’s new experimental project.

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Toei Animation and advertising agency Sotsu have announced a new anime project titled Sharedol. A pilot film will be released on YouTube on October 25, 2021.

Toei’s PEROs (Prototyping and Experimental Research in Oizumi Studio) and young producers of Sotsu are producing the anime project together.

Toei’s New Experimental Project Features Idols In Edo Period
Sharedol | Source: Crunchyroll

The story is set in Kansei era in Japan’s Edo period, where the daimyo’s reforms have restricted any form of entertainment for the common people. A group of girls decides to rebel against this and form an idol group. They wear idol costumes in a “Neo Edo,” a world that combines the culture of Kansei and modern Japan.

The official Twitter account of Sharedol has released a teaser visual for the upcoming project.

Fashionable Kawaraban Part 1

Time is Kansei, the town of Edo
A big idiot of Reiwa appeared.
Produce Edo girls.
A big gambling attempt!

Such a world

Idol activities prepared for beating

Video release 10/25 (Monday)
For details, please refer to the memorandum ↓

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The visual features the group’s back shot of the unnamed idol group. Most of them are wearing a kimono except a girl in a Kunoichi outfit and another one who seems to have her hair down with what looks like a western dress.

No additional details such as staff or cast have been revealed yet.

This project is being developed to help the upcoming generation of producers and to experiment with new ways of production and distribution. After the release of the film, further development of the project will depend upon the fan reception.

Although the concept seems utterly bizarre, Toei can almost pull off anything. Also, how often do you get to see idols playing shamisen and biwa?

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About Sharedol

Sharedol is an upcoming anime project which is a collaboration between Toei Animation and Sotsu.

The companies describe the IP with the theme of “Edo x Idol.” Sharedol is a work that combines two ideas selected from 15 proposed concepts. The story is set in the Kansei era in Japan’s Edo period, and Matsudaira Sadanobu’s Kansei reforms have restricted entertainment for the common people. A group of girls with their own worries have thoughts that “erupt as idols.” These Edo period girls wear idol costumes in a “Neo Edo” world that combines the cultures of the Kansei and modern Reiwa eras.

Source: PR Times Official Website

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