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Top 10 Best Anime With Fanservice On Amazon Prime!

Seeing anime criticized for having fanservice scenes has always somewhat perplexed me. After all, isn’t the point of fanservice to please the audience? Sure it takes up precious time and can be a distraction from the main plot, but that means fanservice can also be a short, much-needed reprieve at[…]

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Top 10 Anime with Fanservice on Crunchyroll

We do not always want to watch a masterpiece. It is tiring to watch something good that requires you to concentrate. Sometimes we just want to shut off our brains and watch something fun. For times like this, we seek the pleasure of our guilty pleasures.[…]

Anime News Studio Trigger

Apply Now: Studio Trigger is Recruiting Animators!

Studio Trigger has only been around for eight years now, but it has managed to make a reputation in the animation industry. The funky and sometimes bizarre animation style of the studio has created its own trademark. The studio’s latest work is the anime series, BNA: Brand New Animal. The anime has a cute and […]

Anime Kill la Kill Watch Order

How to Watch Kill la Kill anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Every anime tries to make the season finale memorable and exciting, but what if you could experience that thrill and excitement at the end of every single episode? Kill La Kill, an anime best described as a nonsense action show, has an amazing ability that enables it to amaze and entertain the audience without having […]