Apply Now: Studio Trigger is Recruiting Animators!

Studio Trigger has only been around for eight years now, but it has managed to make a reputation in the animation industry. The funky and sometimes bizarre animation style of the studio has created its own trademark.

The studio’s latest work is the anime series, BNA: Brand New Animal. The anime has a cute and soft feeling to the characters but uses a combination of pop and mild colours.

Studio Trigger Is Recruiting Animators
Kill La Kill | Source: IMDb

Through the official Twitter account of Trigger Inc., the studio announced that it is currently hiring for the position of an animator.

[Job offer]

Trigger Co., Ltd. is recruiting for the following job categories.

■ Tokyo Studio

Animator (candidates for movies and original images / mid-career adoption)

The application deadline is 23:59 on Friday, July 31, 2020.

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As Trigger studio is responsible for both original animation videos as well as illustrations, the recruit will be associated with both the tasks.

The deadline for submitting the application is July 31, 2020, at 23:59 (JST).

The recruit will work as a trainee for three months before getting promoted to work on original video animations. It is a freelance job, and a form has to be submitted for applying.

If you are an experienced animator or want to be one, this might be just the job for you.

Click on the provided link to reach the recruitment website of Trigger Inc.

Some of the best anime tv series by Trigger Inc. is Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia, and BNA: Brand New Animal.

Promare is the most famous anime film by Studio Trigger. It also has the original net animation, Inferno Cop, under its name.

Studio Trigger Is Recruiting Animators
Galo Thymos, Promare | Source: Studio Trigger

With each anime, Studio Trigger adopted a new and funky animation style and while some have pop colours in them, others are geometric or have a fluid art style.

Source: Twitter account of Trigger Inc.


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