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Top 10 Must-Watch Dubbed Romance Anime on Hulu & Where To Watch Them!

Albeit not the most popular genre of anime, romance anime has the ability to hit you in the feels consistently like no other genre. From the warm fuzzy feeling in your chest to gut-wrenching heartbreaks, romance anime nail the whole spectrum of emotions no matter the language[..]

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Viz Media Removes Free Anime HULU Watch-Links From Website

Viz Media is a manga publisher and distribution company. It also provides manga to online readers through its website and app. Viz Media is a prominent official manga distributor as it brings the English translated chapters of manga to fans. Being under the umbrella of Shueisha, Viz has[…]

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Does Pearl Get Pregnant in Little Fires Everywhere?

As a bold teen daughter of the Black urban nomad that was her mother, it could seem likely that Pearl was the one to get pregnant on Little Fires Everywhere. Except, this show is all about breaking stereotypes of every kind! No, Pearl was not the one knocked up in her teens even though the show may…

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Happy Halloween With Hulu’s Horror Special this October 2020

Halloween time is Hulu time! Check out a list of horror flicks and shows coming to Hulu this October. From “Monsterland” (Oct. 2), an anthology series based on Nathan Ballingrud’s book “North American Lake Monsters”, to a new spin on the Clive Barker stories in “Books of Blood” (Oct. 7) and, a Marvel Comics adaptation about children […]

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Hulu’s Latest Show Woke Isn’t Your Regular Sermon-Laiden Black Art

With a successful mix of genres and themes — some romance, some wacky cohabitation comedy and some social satire, regarding identity, authenticity, justice, performative rage and real exhaustion — the latest Hulu show “Woke” seems to have it all. Lamorne Morris, who was never not funny as Winston Bishop in “New Girl,” takes center stage with “Woke”. […]