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Viz Media Removes Free Anime HULU Watch-Links From Website

Viz Media is a manga publisher and distribution company. It also provides manga to online readers through its website and app.

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Viz Media is a prominent official manga distributor as it brings the English translated chapters of manga to fans. Being under the umbrella of Shueisha, Viz has amassed a lot of readers.

The official website of Viz Media seems to have removed the free embedded HULU links of anime. The website previously offered direct links that could take the reader to HULU for watching some of the popular anime.

Viz Media Removes Free Anime HULU Watch-Links
Naruto Uzumaki | Source: Fandom

However, these links are now removed, and visitors are directed to a page on the website where it mentions anime streaming platforms where a particular anime is available.

Some of the streaming options are obviously Crunchyroll, Funimation, HULU, and Netflix. There are also other streaming options like HBO Max, Roku and Vudu.

Several anime titles licensed by Viz Media had free embedded watch-links on the website. Some of the popular anime are Naruto, Hunter×Hunter, Death Note, Inuyasha and One Punch Man.

Ever since the pandemic started, physical sales of manga titles have decreased. At the same time, sales of e-copies have increased at a noticeable rate. Viz Media, as a website, is also doing well for the same reason.

Viz Media Removes Free Anime HULU Watch-Links
Inuyasha | Source: Fandom

Kevin Hamric, the Vice President Publishing Sales of Viz Media, stated that Viz Media is doing “extraordinarily well” in the pandemic environment. The company has been discussing its revenue budget for a while.

Although no official statement has been released on the issue, it can be fairly suspected that the decision was taken due to a revision in their revenue structure.

Source: Viz Media

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