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Will Asta Defeat Lucius? Or has Yuno defeated him already?

Black Clover’s manga is currently running its last arc, and since its end is nearing, it’s giving rise to some intense battles and jaw-dropping scenes. Man, I was blown away when I saw yuno delivering that slashing blow and killing Lucius. However, something was fishy. How can the antagonist be dead[…]

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Princess Principal Third Film Release Date, KV And Cast Revealed

After a brief phase of silence, fans of the Princess Principal series can finally see Team White Pigeon back in action. While the Princess Principal anime finished in 2017, the series continued as Princess Principal: Crown Handler – an animated film series with six films planned. The first two […]

Anime News Princess Principal

Princess Principal: Crown Handler Surprises Fans With Part 2 Announcement

Princess Principal is not your average princess story. It’s about a group of girls trying to take over the Kingdom while acting as undercover spies. You’d be thrilled to know that the franchise is planning an ambitious 6 parted anime film series with Part 1 out right now. Princess Principal […]