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Vanessa Hudgens Reconnects with her High School Musical BFF after 15 Years!

Actor Vanessa Hudgens recently had a heartwarming reunion with her High School Musical co-star and best friend, Monique Coleman, 15 years after the iconic trilogy’s release. Back in 2006, the musical-comedy, directed by Kenny Ortega, took the world by storm and left an indelible mark on pop cultu[…]

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Will Asta Defeat Lucius? Or has Yuno defeated him already?

Black Clover’s manga is currently running its last arc, and since its end is nearing, it’s giving rise to some intense battles and jaw-dropping scenes. Man, I was blown away when I saw yuno delivering that slashing blow and killing Lucius. However, something was fishy. How can the antagonist be dead[…]

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Black Clover: Is Chapter 299 a Last Goodbye to Gaja?

Since the Tree of Qliphoth arc, fans have been on edge. In contrast to the last few hopeful chapters, Gaja’s death flag has shaken me up. Earlier it was hard for me to imagine if Asta and others can defeat the devils or not. But surprise, surprise, Asta slaughtered two of the highest-ranking devils.