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Vanessa Hudgens Reconnects with her High School Musical BFF after 15 Years!

Actor Vanessa Hudgens recently had a heartwarming reunion with her High School Musical co-star and best friend, Monique Coleman, 15 years after the iconic trilogy’s release. Back in 2006, the musical-comedy, directed by Kenny Ortega, took the world by storm and left an indelible mark on pop cultu[…]

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How Grandma Soonja’s Fire Accident Changes Everything in Minari’s Ending

The ending of Minari is poetic yet confusing, as it leaves the fate of Soonja quite ambiguous. The 2017 indie drama by A24 features Steven Yeun as Jacob, an aspiring farmer who faces many challenges after relocating his family from California to Arkansas to pursue his agricultural venture. With t[…]

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‘Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall’ Gets Action-Packed Trailer, April Debut

Want something similar to Darling in the Franxx and rewind some Zero Two moments? If so, the upcoming series Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall anime is a perfect choice. The series will follow the struggles and hardships of a lone girl, Empress (one of the three surviving guardians of humanity), […]