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Black Clover: Is Chapter 299 a Last Goodbye to Gaja?

Since the Tree of Qliphoth arc, fans have been on edge. In contrast to the last few hopeful chapters, Gaja’s death flag has shaken me up. Earlier it was hard for me to imagine if Asta and others can defeat the devils or not. But surprise, surprise, Asta slaughtered two of the highest-ranking devils.

Magna threw me off guard; he became the real GOAT in the series. While I was enjoying the badass fights, the dread soon fell on me. Tabata just killed the little happiness that we felt in the past chapters.

Who would have thought Gaja would sacrifice himself!? I was certainly not expecting him to die, not after the heartfelt confession he made for Lolopechka. However, is it really true? Is he really dead, or do we have some hopes left?

Gaja is yet to die. After receiving a heavy blow from the possessed Lolopechka, he used his last remaining strength to convert his life force into magic and defeat Megicula. Gaja is currently on the verge of dying due to the consequence of the ultimate magic.

Will Gaja Survive?

I’m not the only person to be devastated by the outcome of the latest chapter; some fans are even comparing Lolopechka and Gaja to Nero and Lumiere. In both cases, Lumiere and Gaja sacrificed themselves for the sake of their country.

Black Clover: Is Chapter 299 a Last Goodbye to Gaja?
Lolopechka vs Gaja | Source: Fandom

Chapter 299 reveals that Gaja holds deep affection for Lolopechka, and he detests the idea of being killed by her. He cannot fathom the agony she will feel if he dies because of her attack under possession.

It’s evident that the wound has harmed Gaja’s internal organs; it is slowly killing him. So, before the wound causes any further damage, Gaja chooses to sacrifice himself.

Even if he doesn’t die from the fatal wound caused by Lolopechka, he might seriously lose his life due to the ultimate attack he pulled off on Megicula. The attack used his life force to eradicate Megicula’s Decaying World spell.

Many hints indicate Gaja will die in the next chapter; the chapter’s name ‘The Sound of Death’ itself is a major clue. Moreover, he was already on the verge of dying prior to the attack, and now he has channelized his entire life force and created ‘Apocalipra Astrauza.’

The aftermath has affected Gaja to the point that his body is crumbling, and his grimoire is nowhere in sight. In Black Clover, the grimoire symbolizes the life status of the wizard; if it’s gone, then there is no coming back. Despite Gaja’s desperate attempts to save his queen from the guilt, the deed is already done.

Although Gaja has raised his death flag, there is no telling when it comes to Black Clover. I’m sure someone from the Black Bull will come in to save the day. It’s a noticeable pattern at this point when Nacht was close to dying, Asta came in rushing, Magna appeared when Jack was in a pinch.

We have many prospective knights in shining armor like Vanessa, Gordon, and Asta who can turn the table. However, the question would be how Gaja will be saved with his depleted life force.

Is Megicula Dead?

We were aware that Megicula would be the real deal in the end, as she is portrayed as a significant threat since the start of the series. And finally, we can now see how this mad scientist sort of character looks like.

Is Megicula Dead?
Megicula | Source: Fandom

I knew she was a type of villain who wouldn’t be defeated without the leads getting their own background music, but who would have guessed she was the smartest of them all. It turns out she doesn’t even care if the Tree of Qliphoth is successful or not; she has been laying traps since Noelle was a baby.

From the looks of it, her manifestation would be successful. However, I dread that Gaja’s sacrifice would be a complete waste, and it would even give an advantage to Megicula.

Black Clover: Is Chapter 299 a Last Goodbye to Gaja?
Vanica | Source: Fandom

Devils cannot be killed until their heart is destroyed, just like in Zagred’s situation Megicula will also return. As observed in the previous arc, Licht’s strike crumbled Zagred’s body, but his heart remained unfazed, and he regenerated; something similar will happen with Megicula as well.

Gaja’s Apocalipra Astrauza definitely annihilated Vanica. Also, remember Megicula needs Vanica to die to manifest her body in the living world. With Vanica now gone, she is even closer to her goal. Furthermore, if paid close attention, a winged silhouette can be seen emerging from the smoke. It’s highly possible that it’s Megicula.

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