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Steins;Gate 0’s Mangaka Announces New Fantasy Story Based on a Light Novel!

Ready to experience a fantasy world that does not begin with a lame isekai pretense? Rejoice! As Steins;Gate 0’s mangaka is about to come out with some heat. Although Taka Himeno is known for his Steins;Gate 0 manga, his next manga is quite different from what he is known for. Rather than the dark […]

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Go on a Time Travel Adventure with New Steins;Gate Project

If you think Netflix’s ‘Dark’ is the only series that can blow your mind, you will be proven wrong in the near future as a new project is under production from the Stiens;Gate franchise. Steins;Gate is often considered the pinnacle of all sci-fi anime, and is known for its bizarre choices […]

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Hunter×Hunter, Steins;Gate: Manga Entertainment Q4 2020

Manga Entertainment is a producer and licensor of Japanese anime in the UK. It is a subsidiary branch of Funimation and is owned by Sony. Its US branch is independently operated by Lionsgate. Due to the ongoing pandemic, distributions and licensing in the UK have been progressing very slowly, and even the current dates for […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Time Travel Anime Of All Time & Where To Watch Them!

Time Travel is the genre that intrigues a large chunk of the audience from a child to a man in his fifties. Known for its Science Fictional aspects and complexions around the story, anything related to Time Travel becomes the talk of the town as soon it releases. In anime, Time Travel is not bound […]

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How to watch Steins;Gate? Watch Order of Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is an anime that involves time travel. Its true brilliance, however, lies in the fact that it focuses on the concept and consequence of time travel itself. It is the quintessence of sci-fi anime where intrigue pulls you in. It takes you on a journey of bizarre choices and events that often take unexpected […]