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My Hero Academia Chapter 323 Hints at A New Era of Heroes

My Hero Academia manga is going through one of its darkest arcs right now. With All For One and Shigaraki roaming free and a lawless country, we can only hope for things to get better. But even during a time like this, some people refuse to give up at any cost. One of them, of course, is UA[…]

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Can Uraraka’s Quirk Evolve? Can She Make Things Heavier Or Make Water Float?

Class 1-A has made a comeback when we least expected it! After fourteen chapters which seemed like an eternity, it seems we’ll be seeing more of our favorite young heroes, including everyone’s favorite girl Uraraka! Uraraka’s quirk is honestly one of the most underappreciated. That being partly[…]

Anime My Hero Academia News

Bakugo and Uraraka Narrate the Fantastic new Opening And Ending Theme Previews

My Hero Academia’s Season 5 has promised us some high-tension battles between classes 1A and 1B. Both these classes have been pushing their limits to become the best heroes. This upcoming competition will prove the mettle of these young heroes. The series has sported one good action scene after[…]