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The Nostalgia Trap: Why “The Office” Reboot Misses the Point

The entertainment industry is currently obsessed with recycling old IP into remakes and reboots, despite these revivals rarely living up to the quality of the originals. At the same time, The Office has a strong nostalgic appeal that could draw an audience; a reboot risks tainting the show’s endu[…]

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Everything We Know About The Office Reboot: Dunder Mifflin Returns!

Dunder Mifflin and Co. employees are rumored to be back with their usual antics on Peacock, the new streaming platform that now hosts the show. The Office is a mockumentary series that follows a clueless manager called Michael Scott and his employees as they struggle with basic day-to-day activit[…]

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The Office: Which Version Is Better? – The US Of Course!

The Office is one of those sitcoms which was not really popular when it first premiered but steadily gathered a following in later years. In the present time, The Office is one of the most successful sitcoms ever made, with the American remake being the most-watched show on Netflix. The original UK version spawned off […]

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Back to The Office Reunion of the Hit Comedy Show on the cards

The beloved NBC comedy show The Office will land on Peacock early next year. Now it is also possible that fans of the series could take a break from binging the seasons over and over again, to witness a reunion of some sort! Details have not been chalked out yet but the streaming service is looking for a big launch […]

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Is the Indian edition of ‘The Office’ worth a watch?

The Indian reboot of The Office that streams on Hotstar have been at the center of a vast debate — between loyalists of the UK and US versions and objective viewers. Is it bad? Is it good? Is it meh? It’s a bit of all three. The Indian version of The Office features the paper […]