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Sing a Bit of Harmony’s New PV has Satomi Fight for Shion and her Rights

Throw your Siri out of the window because the perfect waifu A.I. has arrived, and her goal is to make you happy. The upcoming fall anime film “Sing a Bit of Harmony” has the ideal A.I. named Shion, who is Alexa’s envy and Siri’s bane. Someone who can be your true friend and also lull you to[…]

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Funimation’s Sing a Bit of Harmony Leaks A Shocking Fact About MC in New PV

As humans, our primary goal in life is to be happy no matter what. Even if it doesn’t happen, we strive for it our whole life. And Shion from Sing a Bit of Harmony is here to help you in your pursuit of happiness! From the aesthetics to the unexpected twists, this movie is anticipated to be a[…]

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Sing A Bit of Harmony’s Combo Surprise Packs Anime Film And Manga for Fall!

Sing a Bit of Harmony anime film starts with Shion, a high school girl’s pursuit of happiness. She is a new transfer student, and according to anime law, transfer students are the most unique people ever. A position that Shion fulfills with ease. The story starts with Shion barging in and[…]

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Is Shion Going to say a Final Goodbye to us?

The latest episode of season 2 of TenSura was a ride, and the producers smartly stopped it at a cliffhanger and got us hooked to watch further. If episode 6 made you anxious, grab a firm chair and cushion because episode 7 will give you a shock. You will require an entire box of tissue, no […]