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Is Shion Going to say a Final Goodbye to us?

The latest episode of season 2 of TenSura was a ride, and the producers smartly stopped it at a cliffhanger and got us hooked to watch further. If episode 6 made you anxious, grab a firm chair and cushion because episode 7 will give you a shock.

You will require an entire box of tissue, no make it two; the upcoming episode will not be fun. The sword slashing, screams, and the destructive fire was a clear hint that something dreadful is about to happen.

The vile soldiers of Falmuth kingdom attacked the Tempest Kingdom at its vulnerable state that resulted in casualties. Shion, Gobzo, and other Tempest Forest residents will die at Falmuth soldiers’ hands in the next episode. However, this is not going to be a final goodbye; Rimuru will resurrect the dead citizens.

Note: The post will contain spoilers from the manga.

1. Aftermath of Falmuth’s Invasion

Rimuru pulls a reverse uno card on Hinata by tricking her into thinking that he is already dead. He rushes to the Tempest Forest, but the attack already did the damage; his beloved citizens were already dead. If it was not apparent from the Otherworlders the Falmuth Kingdom sent, the Kingdom is certainly pure evil; they didn’t even spare children.

Shion’s powers

The aftermath shattered Rimuru and enraged him to the point of having an outburst. He could not control his grief; had it not been for Eren, he would have lost his mind entirely and turned into a real monster. Eren reveals that she is the daughter of the Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion’s Archduke.

Eren explains that resurrecting is possible if one becomes a True Demon Lord. After the Orc battle, Rimuru was already strong enough to become a Demon Lord, but he wasn’t interested in becoming one; the same Rimuru who considered it a hassle is now on the journey to become a True Demon Lord.

2. The Resurrection of the Dead Citizens

TenSura took a dark turn; it went from slice-of-life fluff to straight revenge drama. The shed tears will be worth it because Rimuru will be receiving overwhelming power. After Eren’s revelation, the Falmuth Kingdom already settled the question of sacrifice since Rimuru planned to kill 10,000 Falmuth Soldiers.

Rimuru devised a strategic plan and separated his retainers into teams who destroyed the barrier device. At the same time, he went all-out and annihilated all the Falmuth soldiers gathered up for invasion. The always peace-loving slime didn’t hesitate to massacre humans since they harmed his precious family.

Rimuru met the prerequisite for becoming a True Demon Lord, so Great Sage set him on sleep mode for the Harvest Festival to commence; however, someone escaped, and to stop that person, Rimuru summoned three demons. During this sleep mode, the Great Sage evolved and took over Rimuru’s body and resurrected the dead citizens.

is shion going to die in tensura
Shion & Shuna | Source: TenSura Wiki – Fandom

3. Diablo: Rimuru’s Strongest Ally

Diablo has already debuted in OVA of TenSura, and the famous fanboy is finally here. Diablo was one of the characters fans were desperately waiting to debut.  At the end of the Falmuth extermination scene, Rimuru made a contract with a demon who he later named ‘Diablo.’

Unknown to Rimuru, he summoned one of the Greater Demons of Primordial class, Black Primordial Noir. It is not TenSura if the characters are not overpowered, but Diablo’s powers fit into the too overwhelming category. He is either a pervert or Rimuru’s biggest stan, and there is no in between the two.

Diablo considers Rimuru as his God, and now he is in full Sebastian mode. The light novel and manga readers are super excited for Rimuru and Diablo’s interaction, and the good news is we don’t have to wait long.

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About That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime is a Japanese manga series written by Fuse and illustrated by Mitz Vah. It was serialized online in 2013 but was later shifted to Micro Magazine as a light novel in 2014. It currently has sixteen volumes.

The story of Tensei Shitara Slime follows the journey of Satoru Mikami after he died and reincarnated as a slime in fantasy land. A slime is a creature that reproduces the form and powers of anything that it absorbs or eats.

Satoru starts eating all the magical herbs and crystals in the cave he woke up in and stumbles upon a dragon who had been captured and couldn’t move due to a barrier. Since both of them had nothing else to do, they befriend each other. The dragon accidentally makes Satoru a named monster, and Satoru promises him that he’d find a way to break the barrier. Hence, an unknown journey begins with this unusual friendship.

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