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Sing A Bit of Harmony’s Combo Surprise Packs Anime Film And Manga for Fall!

Sing a Bit of Harmony anime film starts with Shion, a high school girl’s pursuit of happiness.

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She is a new transfer student, and according to anime law, transfer students are the most unique people ever. A position that Shion fulfills with ease.

The story starts with Shion barging in and demanding to know if Satomi, her childhood friend, is happy. This upbeat but thoughtful anime can be spun into a beautiful manga, and that is precisely what we are getting next!

The Sing a Bit of Harmony anime film is receiving a manga adaptation that will debut in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine in Fall 2021! The anime film is being co-produced by Funimation and J.C. Staff and will premiere in Japan in Fall 2021.

Megumu Maeda is illustrating the upcoming manga. Yasuhiro Yoshiura, the creator of the film, will definitely helm the manga’s story. 

It is also scheduled to be released in the United States and Canada soon. It will probably release overseas around 2-3 months after its Japan release.

Funimation was also responsible for bringing Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train to theatres in the US, and they delivered! 

The anime film was announced recently with a trailer in April this year, and I bet you will be mesmerized by its visuals. Sing a Bit of Harmony was introduced with the line: “A transfer student who can cause miracles with songs!?”

With a quirky theme and an upcoming manga announcement, Sing a Bit of Harmony is set to win over the hearts of anime and manga lovers alike.

About Sing A Bit Of Harmony

Sing a Bit of Harmony is an original anime film that will premiere in Fall 2021. It is co-produced by Funimation and Studio J.C. Staff.

The film’s protagonists are a happy-go-lucky transfer student, Shion, and a loner girl, Satomi. Shion is always in the pursuit of happiness. Her goal is to make Satomi happy!

Shion takes every measure possible to help others find happiness. She can even cause miracles with songs!

Source: Kodansha Afternoon August Issue 

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