Anime News Tsurubami-Iro no Nagiko-tachi

Mappa Reveals Title and Teaser Visual for Sunao Katabuchi’s New Film

Anime films that strongly connect with history leave a mark. The viewers get to experience the moments or the surroundings in action even when the plots are fictitious. Moreover, it enriches our minds with knowledge, but not like a documentary. Sunao Katabuchi’s ‘The Mourning Children: Nagiko[…]

Anime News Suzume no Tojimari

The Third Makoto Shinkai Film ‘Suzume’ Sold 10 Million Tickets in Japan

Suzume is a modern action adventure road movie in which a 17-year-old girl named Suzume assists a strange young man in closing exterior portals that are spewing calamities all around Japan. Suzume is directed and written by Shinkai, and he also wrote the screenplay of the film. Shinkai wrote[…]

Anime Studio Ghibli Watch Order

How to Watch Studio Ghibli anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

“Anime may depict fictional worlds, but I nonetheless believe that at its core it must have certain realism. Even if the world depicted is a lie, the trick is to make it seem as real as possible. Stated another way, the animator must fabricate a lie that seems so real, viewers will think the world […]