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Mappa Reveals Title and Teaser Visual for Sunao Katabuchi’s New Film

Anime films that strongly connect with history leave a mark. The viewers get to experience the moments or the surroundings in action even when the plots are fictitious. Moreover, it enriches our minds with knowledge, but not like a documentary. Sunao Katabuchi’s ‘The Mourning Children: Nagiko[…]

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Sunao Katabuchi Talks Poetry And Plague in Upcoming Anime Film About Japan, 1000 Years Ago

Sunao Katabuchi’s studio Contrail was aimed at making an anime movie, and it has finally been revealed what the movie is going to be about! The film will tell the history of the Kyoto region in Japan. It is not a project that will just attract history nerds. The idea of what the Japanese[…]