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Sunao Katabuchi Talks Poetry And Plague in Upcoming Anime Film About Japan, 1000 Years Ago

Sunao Katabuchi’s studio Contrail was aimed at making an anime movie, and it has finally been revealed what the movie is going to be about! The film will tell the history of the Kyoto region in Japan.

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It is not a project that will just attract history nerds. The idea of what the Japanese society may have been like 1000 years ago is genuinely intriguing.

Sunao Katabuchi will be directing an untitled anime movie that will portray Kyoto from 1000 years ago. The film will be animated by studio Contrail.

Katabuchi has previously directed anime like Black Lagoon, Mai Mai Miracle, Princess Arete, and others. He is also the director of The Corner of the World film, which depicted the struggles of living in Hiroshima during the Second World War that happened 70 years ago.

This time, Katabuchi is aiming even higher and wants to inform the world about Japan’s heritage. He wants to unearth the Heian era’s aspects that no one talks about and exhibit them in front of the whole world.

During the Heian period, Buddhist tendencies and literature matured in Japan. Art and poetry peaked in the era. The Heian period was also termed after the historical name of Kyoto.

However, Kotobuchi also wants to describe the darker aspects of the era, like the plague, in his upcoming film.

Contrail was created in 2019, and this will be its first breakthrough anime project. Manabu Ohtsuka from MAPPA is the company’s representative director. He has directed anime like Banana Fish and Dorohedoro under MAPPA.

A magnificent journey through history awaits us as the upcoming anime film will artistically portray events from a millennium ago!

Source: Contrail Twitter

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