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One Piece, Chapter 1084: Major Hint About Im’s Identity Revealed!

Im’s identity is one of the major mysteries in One Piece. Since their introduction, we have come to know that they were involved either directly or indirectly in every major event that took place in One Piece. Chapter 1084, which was released on May 22, 2023, was information-heavy and covered Sabo’s flashback. […]

Black Clover Manga News

Chapter 343 of Black Clover Reveals Yami’s True Potential

Black Clover recently entered its final arc and has started to unravel secrets we’ve been wondering about for a while now. Among all the mysteries in it, the one that stands out is Yami’s origins and where he is from. Given his name, personality, and lifestyle that are unlike others in either[…]

Anime News Spy Classroom

Spy Classroom Anime Confirms 2023 Release with a Cunning Trailer

Think Assassination Classroom but with spies instead of murderers. That train of thought will lead you to Spy Classroom. No, the sensei is not a tentacled monster, but he is a reclaimed spy, and his method of teaching involves urging his students to defeat him. Will this be enough incentive[…]

Anime I'm Quitting Heroing News

I’m Quitting Heroing Anime’s New PV Teases 2022 Debut and a Turncoat Hero

2022 is going to be packed full of anime with catchy premises. I’m Quitting Heroing, Studio EMT Squared’s upcoming series, is one such anime that portrays the story of a hero after he has defeated a demon. The stories of war heroes end after the final battle, but for Leo, this is the beginning.

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Loli Ghost Anime is in Town as Shachisaretai Reveals New PV, 2022 Debut

Encountering a ghost at midnight in an empty office complex might sound terrifying, but the spirit that haunts Shachiku-san is way too cute to be afraid of. In the Shachiku-san wa Yоjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai manga, the office complex’s residential spirit is so caring that her idea of haunting is[…]

Anime News Yusha Yamemasu

Yusha Yamemasu Gets An Anime Adaptation in April 2022

Yusha Yamemasu is a story about Leo Demonhart, a hero who once saved the world from the demon army’s invasion. Despite his heroics, he is feared and rejected by the general public. He ends up joining the demon king to revive the army, which is now on the brink of collapse. Kuotamu and Hana[…]

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Funimation Reveals Dub Cast for Zombie Land Saga Revenge Pre July Release

Zombie Land Saga Revenge is not your standard Zombie story. Nobody is running around to kill the zombies, instead they are idols who are loved by everyone. Season 2 might have already ended, but Funimation has a treat for all the dub watchers. The series is a weird mix of zombies, music, and comedy.