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One Piece, Chapter 1084: Major Hint About Im’s Identity Revealed!

Im’s identity is one of the major mysteries in One Piece. Since their introduction, we have come to know that they were involved either directly or indirectly in every major event that took place in One Piece. Chapter 1084, which was released on May 22, 2023, was information-heavy and covered Sabo’s flashback. […]

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One Piece Movies Ranked from Worst to Best: Which ones are must-watch?

If you’re a diehard One Piece fan, you’re probably devouring every single bit of content the franchise has to offer. Whether it’s the fantastic anime or the incredible manga chapters, we just can’t get enough of Luffy and his crew’s escapades on the high seas. Luckily, to satisfy the insatiable […]

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What really happened in Alabasta during The Reverie? Will Blackbeard get Pluton?

With the current arc nearing its climax, fans are back to one of their favorite topics of discussion: what actually happened during the Reverie? Since the Reverie news broke out in chapter 956, we’ve all been waiting for some update about Sabo. Some people think […]