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HorribleSubs Shuts Down Due to COVID-19 Pandemic!

HorribleSubs is a website that offers a huge variety of anime for free! If you feel anything shady going on here then you are right. HorribleSubs is a pirating website where fans can download subbed anime through torrent links. However, the heavenly days of free-loading anime watchers are[…]

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What’s all the Fuss About Japan’s Copyright Laws? – Quick Guide

Anime and manga have become wildly popular around the world. However, this rise in popularity comes with the issue of there not being enough channels to access this content. To solve this, many piracy sites have taken root over the years. While manga publishers have taken action against this, the problem has never gone away, […]

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KissAnime and KissManga Shut Down Permanently

The world of anime is not as unknown as it used to be a decade ago. Every day, viewers and fans of anime are considerably increasing. However, the demand for manga and anime sometimes exceeds the limit of the officially available ones. When official websites fail to provide anime or manga, consumers have no other […]