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HorribleSubs Shuts Down Due to COVID-19 Pandemic!

HorribleSubs is a website that offers a huge variety of anime for free! If you feel anything shady going on here then you are right. HorribleSubs is a pirating website where fans can download subbed anime through torrent links.

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However, the heavenly days of free-loading anime watchers are over. HorribleSubs has been shut down. This is a sentence that a lot of fans wish that they would never have to hear.

HorribleSubs shut down earlier today with a farewell message that was posted on the official website.

Why did HorribleSubs shut down?

The reason that is given by the HorribleSubs team is that the shut down was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The website is manned by a group of individuals who have their own lives. The responsibility of the whole site is huge and subbing teams also have it hard.

HorribleSubs Shuts Down Due To COVID-19
One Piece | Source: Viz Media

In this situation, every person is robbed of the simple pleasures in life. The real-life responsibilities of the website’s owners have finally grown to an extent where keeping HorribleSubs functional might have seemed too hectic.

“COVID killed HorribleSubs”.


The summer anime season has ended and the fall season has already started. Fans were waiting in anticipation for the new lineup of anime.

However, now that HorribleSubs has shut down, they have no choice but to migrate to other websites.

HorribleSubs was one of the fastest uploaders of seasonal anime and they have already uploaded the summer 2020 anime releases before shutting down.

A lot of controversies surround the website. Mainly it is said that it ripped off subs and anime from sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

HorribleSubs Shuts Down Due To COVID-19
Boku no Hero Academia | Source: Fandom

Defenders of the site also say that their subbing teams are doing the real hard work. Although, that’s a topic that is best left for discussion in the comments section.

KissAnime and KissManga were shut down in August this year due to Japan’s renewed copyright policies. The COVID-19 pandemic is indeed killing off a lot of things in more ways than one.

Source: HorribleSubs

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