Anime Life of Falling News

Flat Studio Animates Original Concept Film, “Life Of Falling”

Life of Falling is a new original anime concept movie that questions existence itself. The short video of one and a half minute arouses our interest in the Flat Studio. Being a relatively new studio, Flat does not have many titles under its name yet. However, the short video shows a lot of[…]

Anime Assault Lily Bouquet News

Watch Assault Lily Bouquet English Dub On Funimation Now!!

Assault Lily is a mixed-media franchise that started out as a toy figurine line. It later got enough popularity to inspire a manga and an anime series. Assault Lily Bouquet is the anime series adaptation of the franchise. The series is based on teenage girls who train to protect humanity from[…]

Anime Kakegurui Watch Order

How To Watch Kakegurui? The Complete Watch Guide

Sometimes, the most physically challenging situations don’t require any physical strength at all. Instead, they need a sense of calmness, confidence, and an absurd amount of obsession over gambling! Kakegurui is a gambling anime with a high school setting. The seemingly posh school has peculiar inner workings that include gambling and manipulation as a part […]