One Piece Chapter 1119 Spoilers: Vegapunk’s Broadcast Resurfaces

Once again, the focus of chapter 1119 is not on the escape of the Straw Hats’ Pirates but on something else entirely. Considering Nami’s group launch with the Thousand Sunny, the initial assumption for this chapter was to be about the long-awaited escape, but it seems we have to wait a bit longer.

One of the most startling revelations in the One Piece chapter 1119 spoilers is the return of Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast. While it doesn’t fully cover the missed events, such as the Ancient Robot’s fall, it does promise more in future issues, leaving fans excited.

bonney one piece
Bonney | Source: Fandom

The chapter begins with giants cheering for Luffy and Bonney, but Mars soon confirms that Bonney’s form is fake. Armed with the knowledge of the Gorosei’s instant regeneration from his previous battle, Luffy transforms into a giant balloon when Mars attacks him. He understands that sending them flying is better than fighting them. This prompts Luffy, Bonney, Sanji, and Franky to do a combined attack, which apparently sends Mars flying. The specific techniques used in this attack are not revealed in the currently available spoilers, adding to the intrigue.

The Ancient Robot wakes up fully, with the Transmission Transponder Snail also waking up. This event and Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast add to the mystery. Unfortunately, the broadcast doesn’t recap what fans missed after Gorosei member Saint Topman Warcury attacked the Ancient Robot. Dr. Vegapunk’s cryptic words about the ‘will’ and the potential physical inheritance only deepen the mystery, as we aren’t given any context.

dr vegapunk one piece
Dr. Vegapunk | Source: Fandom

The reactions of the Big Mom Pirates, Vivi D. Nefertari, and Big News Morgans to the unfolding events are not to be overlooked. Their responses provide a deeper understanding of the situation, drawing us further into the story. The focus then shifts back to the Giant Warrior Pirates’ ship, where Warcury and fellow Gorosei member Saint Shepherd Ju Peter have just arrived, setting the stage for more dramatic developments.

Luffy attacks Ju Peter, while Warcury goes for the Giant Warrior Pirates’ ship.
The transformation of Bonney into her true, childish form and her subsequent ‘exhaustion’ has significant implications. While the spoilers don’t reveal much, it’s likely that she’s experiencing a milder version of the aftereffects of Gear 5, a condition previously observed in Luffy. This transformation and its aftermath suggest that Bonney, in her current state, may only be capable of a brief attack using her Nika form.

gear 5 luffy
Luffy Gear 5 | Source: Crunchyroll

The chapter concludes with the Ancient Robot experiencing a flashback to a conversation with Joy Boy. This flashback is significant as it potentially unveils the Ancient Robot’s true name, ‘Emeth ‘. The specifics of this conversation with Joy Boy are shrouded in mystery, with his words being abruptly cut off after he seemingly addresses the Ancient Robot as ‘Emeth ‘.

The chapter ends with a dramatic scene of Emeth emerging from the sea and launching an attack on Warcury, with Luffy’s startled cry of ‘robot’ echoing in the background. Unfortunately, the chapter also announces a brief hiatus for the series, leaving readers on the edge of their seats and eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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